GD - Community Council:Feedback: Recent Updates to Holiday Events

After experiencing Hallow’s End and Love is in the Air changes, lets provide feedback…

My personal feedback:


  • Achievement for gold donations without any sort of title / toy feels like a bad approach.

  • New mount in the vendor for Love is in the air, it’s a good reward for doing new dailies and a way to spent love tokens, personally I’d prefer if Devs added a mount via meta achievement, 100% acquired ratio but with some effort via Holiday activities, the problem is that there’s enough holiday activities.

  • New Love Dragon Manuscript, Devs committed the same issue that was Arfus and it caused a lot of conversation in this Council topic and last Live chat.

  • Love Rocket, It’s still the worst drop in this game for a limited time event, the Devs didn’t address the issues that they acknowledge back in 2022. The Boss fight is really easy and unfun, they could adjust it and the drop rate, they didn’t even implement an hardmode like the Hallow’s end. The increase daily attempt is a band aid fix for the community and it doesn’t address the alt grind that’s still relevant since multiple players got the mount in the X attempt of the day, besides that some players used multiple Bnet accounts which means multiple years in a single year without results. There’s not a certainty if you could get the mount on 2-4-8 years.


  • It looks like they assigned a single Dev to add some assets into the world and another quest dev for few new dailies.

  • World Event: I’ll still push for allocate budget in a permanent evergreen World Event like the ones in Dragonflight that’ll be forgotten after this expansion, however; a Holiday World Event will be relevant each year, Some sort of Invasion or activity like the Superbloom.

  • PvP activities: Devs had the PvP scene dead and they could even add some casual content for Holidays via PvP world quest or new PvP brawls, using existent BG maps but with a holiday plot twist regarding the map assets or event adding some extra button as a new ability.

  • World Quest or Dailies: Devs already show this is possible, maybe do the same but with more quest and old zones.

I won’t provide solutions to the RNG, there’s players that have another point of view about the rarity and that’s Ok, Devs and CMs should know that there’s a part of the community frustrated with holidays and also I think WoW has weak seasonal events compared to other MMORPGs.

I actually like it; I can tell the whales from the sane with this achievement alone.


I didn’t pay for the extra love tokens…there’s not anything meaningful besides being tag as a whale.

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We already have one. A meta achievement for World Holidays — the Violet proto-drake.

Hmmm. I like that idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, that 50k gold achievement? Took me down from 240k to 190k. Worth it, purely because it’s just so amusing to me. Is it utterly pointless? Oh yeah. Does it crack me up? Also yes!

(I know, I know. I’m easily amused.)

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I’d like to see new ones, however; we need new gameplay for that, a 2.0…this game is almost 20 years old.

Refresh holidays.

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