GD: Character Customization - We want more!

You know what could be really great character customization…more dances.

New allied races like Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne, Void Elf were created just with the same dance used by old races, Devs didn’t take the opportunity to do something fun with the skelleton model or use fun references.

They could even create new emotes or dances and you could set your favorite as default option, i really don’t get why since BFA pre patch they added those races using old dances, it feels like a mediocre product.


Voice options! Please.


i’d like the option to make my worgen here fluffy like a pomeranian.

more dances? that’d be good too. :+1:


You could have curly worgen too. Big, fluffy and curly worgen as an option.
That way there will be more striking differences in worgen appearance which would be cool.

Get yourself all poodled up at the barbershop.


I would love this. All my vulperas would have a real deep voice because it would be hilarious. xD haha


The nightborne does not even have hair physics/animations, no wonder why all the new hair options they have added were short, as you do not need to animate them, lazy work, but I am glad for what was done at least.

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I don’t want more - I don’t use most of what exists.

Glitter hair toggle for all races!

Tail options for all races who have tails, don’t forget to give worgan tails.

More void options for void elves.

More skin showing cosmetics like Hawaiian outfits, like the outfits in Moana for example.

Been wanting this for a long time to describe my characters age.

I feel like it’s a little risky to ask for more. When they make updates for our character customization it ends up a huge feature of an expansion. I love more customization, but it’s the way they treat it that I don’t.

I want whatever the opposite of void tentacle hair for bloodelves is for paladins

Light sparkles

Light tendril hair?

I feel like tendril isnt the right term because of wholesome good paladin things but yes

I want my ponytail to have golden glow effects :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

THen don’t use more if they come available. THis would be for those that do or would like to use more .

No sense them not giving to the many to appease the one.

This right here

It’s so weird to me that we don’t have the basic stuff other MMOs have. It’s like they don’t have the dev power, but idk what is taking those resources instead.

Naaru shard pieces

It’s not that they don’t have the dev power it’s just it would take too much effort to implement even small things like this.

Body type or weight/height changer

With personal dissonant twinkling noises that play at your speaker’s max volume without the ability to turn it down.

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Some I’d like to see

Option for Worgen to have a choice of human or wolf for their default form. (human option would only transform during combat and then back to human when it ends.)
More fur options on Worgen to match more of the various wolf/worg/ etc etc animals.

How about some ethnic options for the various races
Some different body types wouldn’t be bad either for all races.
Even some height options would add some difference between players.
How about voice emotes you can bind to actions. (Say when a warrior charges the toon shouts out “For the ***”
Some different voice options. To be honest they could hire voice actors to come in and record two or three hundred different phrases in hundreds of voices for pretty cheap.

None of these would be game play changing or harming.

yes I was just speaking for myself though - considering OP thought they could speak for everyone. Not everyone wants that - so they should stick to talking about their own desires