GD: Character Customization - We want more!

I’d love to have the old Void Elf voice version back (more echoey and deeper booming) along with better voice emotes for them (the roar is especially bad since it’s just the Blood Elf roar). Same with a lot of other races, more cosmetic look customizations as well over all, WoW is just years behind by now.

What? i did a character on Blender as part of an optional course, after we put our default skelleton and adjusted to our characters size, we did a ton of movements and recorded those, like dance, iddle, wave…etc

i don’t get how a dance will take a lot of effort, maybe if they want to provide a really cool product studying an actor performing the dance…etc but creating new emotes or dance could be done really quick, the fact that Animators just used the same as old race feels bad IMO

I never said anything about speaking for everyone…title is just a copy from community council , so we can provide more input to them.