Gazlowe Appreciation Thread

I actually disagree on Wix. Becoming more humble would ruin a part of his charm. I think he’s great just the way he is, but I do agree that he’s a garbage leader by himself. Ironically for being the most cutthroat group when it comes to politics and being in charge it might actually be the Goblins who benefit the most from a ‘Council’ system like the Dwarves have.

Gazlowe and Wix can balance each other out with the addition of another member to tip the scales one way or another.

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Wix is inefficient; skims from the top so much he hinders production value; sacrifices his own workers like they were nothing; only cares about the short term gain (rather than the long term reward); and pushes away anyone of intellect or talent. He’s essentially Activision. He’s also not the type to share the spotlight, least of all with someone who’s been undermining him like Gazlowe has in BfA. As a Bilgewater Main, and as a person who’s favorite PC race is Gobs … I want a leader I can actually be proud of (that represents the best of Goblin-Kind … not just the Worst).

Gazlowe is efficient; profit-oriented; treats his crews right; garners loyalty with those of talent and skill; has quality standards; and despite all this never loses the classic Goblin Greed and Intellect that make the race great. He’s also shrewd as hell, and can be pretty pragmatic when needed. Wix is Goblin Greed taken to the extreme … and that’s it.


I wasn’t inferring as such, I was just pointing out that there are people like us who play Horde to be heroes, the group of outcasts who defend our own and uphold our moral principals.

I mean, obviously, now that’s been revealed to everyone has been disposable tools the entire time, But before, I, at least believed that she cared about the Forsaken and can feel for those people who believed that and had to deal with that single redeeming aspect of her character irreparably butchered and defaced with her Warchiefdom.

So have I, as an avid Orc fan myself, I grow weary of being forced by the story to completely ignore the trust issues that the Horde has had with the Forsaken in the past. Like, she even had the guy assigned to keep watch over the forsaken murdered(and seemingly experimented upon), yet it all continues to be unaddressed. It’s just insulting to every Horde race, all of whom should know better by now.

I agree, honestly the problem really is just Sylvanas as Warchief. It just enables the Forsaken as a race to succumb to their darker nature free of any restrictions or consequences for their actions. They can use all the blight they want, sacrifice all the Horde soldiers they want, burn all the orphanages. They essentially have free reign to do whatever their cold, rotting, hearts’ desire.

As long as they keep that unhingedness and angst to themselves, they can keep Sylvanas for all I care, I’m just tired of doing all their dirty work for them. Their personal vendetta against Alliance for rejecting them upon first contact, should not be my problem or that of any other races in the Horde, especially the Newley recruited allied races. Yet I’m forced to care and even risk my life for a juvenile vendetta that is the equivalent of a toddler having his favorite toy taken away when he was two, only to still hold a grudge 20years later.

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Have we forgotten that Gazlowe uses unionized labor? This is a huge shake up in goblin-ness.

Critical support for Comrade Umbric so Gazlowe can take top stop.

Gazlowe is a great character, but it sucked that the only way he’s been utilized in BFA so far is to involve him in the quest line involving Sapphronetta and Grizzik, which are in my opinion among the worst parts of BTS. There doesn’t seem to be much more to him right now than him just undermining Gallywix while Blizzard puts a spotlight on him as if to say “look how much better this guy is than Gallywix”. It feels manipulative and transparent.

Like, we know Gallywix is not an ideal leader for the Bilgewater, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Gazlowe is. Sure via process of elimination anyone looks good compared to Gallywix, but that’s not really the metric we should be using for choosing new Horde leaders.

If he is being set up to replace Gallywix(who I like), it better be with him officially pledging the Steamweedle or at least one of the cartels formally to the Horde and casting aside their neutrality permanently(which is a tall order). He has a bias and preference for the Horde, but he’s already screwed us over by aiding an azerite weapons designer and his gnome floozie in evading the Horde. Who’s to say he won’t do so again in the future? With Gallywix at least you know where he stands, his loyalties are to his wallet, but he at least hates the Alliance. That’s good enough for me.

Going solely what he’s done before BfA? He outright runs rings around Gallywix.

You’ll have to point out how not carrying out the hit screwed us over.

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Well yeah, Gazlowe could probably run faster than a morbidly obese goblin with triple decker chins like Gallywix. But anyone comes off favorably compared to Gallywix. I’d rather see Gallywix either get some character development towards him becoming an actual leader and not just a meme, his short story proved he’s actually capable of sentiment and caring. Post-BFA Gazlowe helps our enemies, Gallywix doesn’t. It’s not a hard choice, at least for me.

Oh, multiple ways. In 8.2 Grizzix and Sapphronetta are both recruited by the Alliance in Mechagon, so the Alliance could very easily gain access to their knowledge and insight into weaponizing Azerite or its many practical uses. They were honestly loose ends we should’ve tied up. They may or may not give the Alliance an innate advantage in terms of weaponizing azerite, but why take that risk? They’re both gifted engineers, killing them just to deny the Alliance potential assets should be reason enough.


Yeah not seeing it.

Yeah that’s getting a little too paranoid killhappy, even for me.

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Gallywix helps our enemies by being a massive handicap on the Horde’s manufacturing and development power; because he skims so much off the top that the quality of his work is trash. You want him to have a good story, its time he got kicked down about a thousand pegs and was forced back to his roots. A decent Riches to Rags story might get Wix to stop being so complacent and start forcing him to crawl and claw his way back to glory like he did in the good ol’days.

Also … that short story is not favorable to Wix. It portrays him as a man who realizes he’s a monster; who perceives his own workers as property; and despite him claiming that he does not sacrifice his property without value, his threshold for “value” is portrayed as OBSCENELY low. Hell, that story starts off with our Goblin characters being terrified he’s going to get drunk on the Zeplin AGAIN and start bombing them for fun (which apparently amounts to enough “Value” to merit him sacrificing their lives). Has there been a point where he was relevant in this story since Cata where he WASN’T resulting in massive Goblin casualties?


Also during the war campaign he screws himself by cutting and skimping on his insurance policy for the GMOD… that he came up with… it doesn’t get more self defeating than that.

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My favorite moment of interacting with him during BfA so far is where he openly admits that he’s forcing his employees to pay into a Workers Comp package that doesn’t actually do anything (he’s just stealing from the paychecks he’s giving them and pocketing it again … and if they get hurt; we’ll he’s killed off his own people for far less). Yet somehow the Goblin leader with a larger Goblin death toll than the friggen Alliance is somehow better than a Gob leader that is willing to profit off the Alliance at huge markups?


Goblin qualities as represented by the leaders.

Gazlowe: cunning and ingenuity and awareness, as well as drive and a use for the amassment of gold other than for vanity.

Jaster: bomb go boom.


But he does? What do you call aiding Grizzek and Sapphy? How does that benefit the Horde?

I’m happy to include a cliff notes version for you:

  • Both these engineers were recruited by the Alliance in Mechagon and ironically stand in Gazlowe’s way of formulating an Alliance with the mechagnomes and hopefully getting access to their tech.

  • They could potentially lend the Alliance an advantage in terms of advances in azerite weaponry

  • They both arguably now have a grudge against the Horde(primarily Gallywix, but we bankroll him)

Hope that helps.

If you say so.

That could be interesting, but it sounds like the goblin equivalent of a redemption arc, which I don’t think Gallywix is emotionally mature enough to be capable of, but I’m definitely open to seeing something like that happening as long as he still manages to be an over the top ridiculous clown. Has Gallywix skimming over the top really hampered or hindered the production quality of anything in the Horde’s arsenal? If he has been it certainly doesn’t seem noticeable, which in any case still doesn’t excuse Gazlowe’s own actions. If Gazlowe has to evolve into an official Horde leader of sorts, I’d prefer it if he did so without inadvertently aiding the Alliance or being set up solely to hamper Gallywix at every turn.

I mostly like Gallywix’s short story because of his relationship with his dad and how he used bailing him out of a bad situation as a way of launching his own enterprise. It was very well done. Good post though.

Except Gazlowe being open to dealing with business with the Alliance isn’t a negative if we really are bringing an end to the Faction Conflict (thank god if it happens, that story thread is trash and always has been). I’m also unsure why Gazlowe has done to “help” the Alliance? Besides, it was Gallywix’s own failures that pushed Grizzek into the hands of the Alliance. Hell Grizzek and Saph seemed perfectly fine with remaining neutral until Wix decided to hire you for a copper to clean up his mistake. Its no different than the Motherlode.

Whenever I see people say they like Wix, it seems they are mistaking an ENTERTAINING character for a GOOD character; and you’d also be shocked how many of them would be caught dead b4 actually playing a Goblin for any real period of time. Wix has one note that has only not gotten old because he’s rarely used; and he’s rendered my ENTIRE favorite PC race as little more than Greed filled lemmings that die by the dozens to satisfy his “entertaining value”. Our rare stories have suffered under him being our main representative.

In contrast, within the span of a single Mechagon intro quest we got to see a range of Goblin personalities of the like we haven’t been really allowed to see since the Cata intro (outside of the Gob Squad, who seem to have no real affiliation with Gallywix beyond being Goblins and Horde).



Go be a gnome and leave goblins as they are.

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Ahh the edge lord that doesn’t even seem to like the Horde as a Faction; and ONLY seems to find Horde Racial Leaders who could give a damned about using the Faction for anything more than personal gains (and sacrificing their own people like its going out of style) returns.

You don’t give a damned about the Goblin Racial Fantasy and only seem to care about is the Horde essentially representing “NOT ALLIANCE”.

Throwing the word “edgelord” doesn’t diminish the fact that you’ve got terrible tastes and want the most basic writing for a faction because Gallywix is mean.

Go be an infant elsewhere and read child fantasy novels.

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Well that and Gallywix is also a selfish, incompetent, slug who abuses his people constantly and couldn’t give two cents about the lives of Horde soldiers(literally!) if it mean’t he’d get an extra penny in his coin purse at the end of the day.


SO EDGY! Yeah, I despise Gallywix because he’s rendered the entire Goblin race as little more than Greed Filled Lemmings (designed to die for his “entertaining moments” by the dozens). He also only has one note that he hits over and over again as a character; that ONLY hasn’t gotten old because he barely exists in the story (and he’s seen absolutely ZERO development since his inception).

Wix has proven one thing over and over again as our sole racial rep; he’s a dead end for Goblin related stories. But, he’s “entertaining” I suppose (for a shallow parody for a late 19th century robber baron). Which is why I don’t want him dead, since he can remain entertaining as NOT the Goblin racial leader (he doesn’t need to be Trade Prince to have his one-note moments).

You’re describing goblins, bro.

He’s a Goblin Incarnate.

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