Gazlowe Appreciation Thread

After doing the Mechagon introduction quest, I felt the need to re-assert my utmost adoration of this character. I just feel like he doesn’t get nearly the amount of admiration he deserves and I wanted to dedicate a thread to him.(Droite is probably going to have a field day with this)

He has so many good qualities going in his favor:

-WC3 Horde OG
-Brilliant goblin with alot of engineering feats to his name(construction of orgrimmar, Horde zepplin travel system, ect.)
-Good boss who treats his employees well
-A true goblin who knows when and when not to “greed”
-Seemingly very wealthy while being able to maintain strong moral values
-Will throw a Gnome in the LoF to save the lives of his crew.

This gets me very excited for his future as a fully fledged member of the Horde and potentially a regime change within the Hordes’ goblin population.

Lets just take this time to appreciate how truly wonderful this unsung hero of the Horde is and what his recent endeavors could mean for the future of Goblinity and of the Horde.


Meh. Unless he ever formally joins the Horde, he’s just an independent contractor with a preferred customer base.


I’m kind of surprised Gallywix never tried to have him killed because of the reasons you listed. In universe he’s the foil and much better Goblin all around.


Agreed. By all indications Gazlowe is probably one of the BEST contenders to replace Gallywix as the Horde Goblin racial representative. He’s got a longer history with the Horde than ANY Goblin in lore (he’s effectively a Horde founder).

REAL Goblins aren’t exclusive with their clientele, they just charge ridiculous rates to those they don’t favor (but they will still serve them if the money is right). He also treats his underlings extremely well; caters to and garners loyalty with those with intellect and talent; and is a brilliant mechanic that has actual standards with the quality of his work. He’s also essentially thrown all semblance of neutrality out the window with this war (while the rest of the Steamwheelde supplies the Horde under the table; Gazlowe is out in the open with his Grease-monkeys).

Its long overdue time for a corporate cue.


Ahem…In goblin culture it’s called a “hostile takeover” thank you very much. A coup is so barbaric.


Oh crap! You’re right! :smiley:


The Mechagon intro hits the “good guy Gazlowe” notes really, really hard - and makes no nods whatsoever to his previous neutrality. It absolutely feels like they’re setting him up for a takeover of the Bilgewater cartel.


I’d rather have Gazlowe do a hostile takeover of the Steamwheedle cartel and then bring them over to the Horde tbqhfy. That’s if we ever get to Undermine.

I want to see an updated Ratchet.


I think the only thing that would result in is a civil war. The Steamwheedle have a good thing going as the premier neutral provider of all things, throwing that away to take sides wouldn’t go over well.

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Perhaps since Gallywix revealed the Azerite to Sylvanas he felt that having the backing of the Warchief outweighed any risks that Gazlowe could have on his position. Though since Thrall and co have liberated Baine and Gazlowe’s positive relationship with Thrall Gallywix may either get nervous or find some way to be in the middle by being on everyone’s side in some capacity. That way no matter who wins he’s believes he’ll win.

However I have a feeling that the 8.2.5 portion on the Horde War Campaign will involve a hostile takeover by Gazlowe, Gallywix will die, and the Goblin Heritage Armor quests will focus on helping Gazlowe secure his Trade Prince position against any possible rivals, while exploring his version of the goblin way.

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They’re just building him as the replacement “nice guy” after they off Gallywix because the Horde can’t have any interesting characters anymore.


Sure would be convenient if Gallywix met with an unfortunate accident in the near future and needed to be replaced :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Lmao. We have Horde in here who wants fewer Horde characters.

Perfect. A civil war is what Kezan needs to advance goblin lore.

Steamwheedle may be neutral, but it seems like the Horde is the only major economic power to actually contract the Goblin race. The Alliance already uses their own economic base. When was the last time we used something made from Kezan?

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OK … as a Bilgewater main who’s favorite PC race is goblins, there is NOTHING interesting about Gallywix. He’s ENTERTAINING, but interesting is a hell of a stretch. He’s a shallow parody of a early 20th century Robber Baron; he’s responsible for more Goblin deaths than even the Alliance is; and he’s not even a good leader on most objective levels (because he skims so much off the top for personal gain that he actually serves as HUGE handicap for the Horde Faction).

He’s got one note that only hasn’t gotten old because he rarely shows up (hell, he wasn’t even in the game until like halfway through MoP; once you got off the Lost Isles). While I don’t want him to die, the idea that he should remain the Goblins leader is pretty much stating “Goblins should remain ONLY a one-note race of Greed Filled Lemmings for my amusement. I wouldn’t be caught dead playing one, but they should at least remain defined ONLY by being suicidally greedy”.


By “interesting”, you mean being either super edgy or amoral? Then no, the Horde doesn’t need “interesting” folk anymore, we need people with motivations that extend beyond furthering their own power and slaying their enemies.

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I think that while both are in different cartels there is no reason for Gallywix to kill him. But if they were in the same cartel Gazlowe will be targeted without doubts. Also both are needed in the Horde, and while things are like this Gallywix is not going to risk him self by killing someone who is apreciated by their busines fellows partners of the Horde.


I mean, if fighting on behalf of the Horde as leader of the Greasemonkeys, him paying off Horde players from killing Grizzek, or this introduction questline is of any implication, it seems like the writers are fairly eager to fully have him on board team red full-time.


But the Horde Goblin racial representative is not just Gallywix, is the Bilgewater Cartel, and Gazlowe is from the Steamwheedle Cartel and not even the main leader of that cartel apparently.


So why aren’t you Alliance instead of asking for the Red Alliance? It’s rather embarrassing, tbh.


I really hope he takes over too, and gets a new model when it happens. He’s an actual good person and good leader despite being from a race that’s often characterized by greed (while not erasing their capitalistic nature either).

Bilgewater Harbor and the rest of Azshara would be a mighty upgrade to his little port town in Ratchet, if only he took the initiative.

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