Gauging interest in fresh re-roll guild

Hello everyone, I am looking to gauge interest in a fresh reroll guild to build a team and community moving into 8.3 and Shadowlands. I am a returning player that has had a few problems finding the right guild and thought that maybe there are others out there like myself that would like to find a group of like-minded individuals to hang out with in game and to start doing some end game content with.

The goal of this guild would be to hit level cap, start running some mythic+ dungeons and start running normal raids and eventually move into heroics. Raiding experience is not required as we will work together to figure things out and find success as a group.

If you are a more casual player and just want a place to hang out and chat then you are more than welcome to do just that. Leveling and casual players are an important part of the game and you will face no pressure to do anything outside of that.

Details about the re-roll:

Server: Proudmoore (PST)

Faction: Alliance

Guild Name: Collected Company

Start Date: January 24th to start leveling beyond level 20

Members are welcome to level up to level 20 in preparation of the guild forming to allow players to choose allied races. If you plan on playing a level 55 DK or a demon hunter you will first need to get a character up to those levels before making the switch. This restriction will be lifted 3 weeks from the start of the guild forming.

Alt Characters: Alts that are pre-existing on the server or potential transfers in the future will be invited after hitting cap on your reroll character.

Times for Raids, Mythic+, BG’s and any other in game events will be determined if this gets off the ground and established. I am aware that the majority of reroll guilds fail shortly after starting but I am hopeful that enough dedicated people decide to really give this a shot. There is no rush or push to level cap and please play something that you enjoy and not what may be needed. We can always flush out roles in the future. Hoping to get at least 12-15 people interested before starting and will be looking for people with experience to help get this off the ground. Officer roles will be filled as needed in the future.

Above all else I would like this to be a place where you can look forward to log into each day and know you will have fun and talk to your friends. Everyone is welcome and I hope to hear from you. Thanks for reading and have fun out there.


I may be interested.

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Im very interested! hit me up! hatred#1522

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I’m also very interested in this.

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Also very interested. I have also had problems finding the right guild and would love to start fresh and make new friends.

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Lets get this going! :smile:

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I would be interested as well.

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6 people so far is a great start. @Joraga lets get a discord set up!

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Actually I think I want to play a vulpera/horde for 8.3 Sorry. Best of luck to you guys though. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a great idea. I’m back tomorrow so I can look into it.

And thanks for the interest so far everyone. Hopefully we can get a few more people on board and get this rolling :slight_smile:

I’m interested… add me Rhav#11755

I am very interested in this, but I will be a casual for a while as I am splitting my time between this and Classic still. Add me and let me know when/if this thing gets going! Nelladel#11667

glad to see this is getting momentum! lets go!

Thanks all for the interest. Just want to make sure that the 27th works as a start date for everyone.

Anytime works for me! I am on now since I can’t join the guild or sign a charter until the Panda got to the point to pick a faction. Will stop there until we are ready :slight_smile:

Made some tweaks in the original post. Members are welcome to level to 20 before the guild starts or can chose an Allied Race from the outset. Will get the guild charter done up and may need a few people to sign it to get it up and running. Once done you can park your toon until Friday the 24th and then are welcome to level. No restrictions on Heirlooms or the number of characters you have that join until you are satisfied with your selection. Looking forward to seeing everyone in game and hopefully we get some more interest before the official start on the 24th :slight_smile:

That sounds interesting. Add me @ Storrimer#1316 on bnet so we can talk about it :slight_smile:

How do we get in contact with you in-game? Can we get your bnet id or a Discord link?

This sound great! I’ve been looking for a guild like this please hit my up


My bnet is Sinnicks#1267. I will be getting things started tonight and will try and get a Discord setup as well. Once I have that I can let you all know.