Game freezing sorta?

Have been having issues since latest patch where game will freeze after running for a random amount of time. The freezing is weird where it’ll freeze and take the rest of my pc out with it, my pc returns to normal after 2 or 3 seconds but the wow freezing can take up to 15 seconds to come out of it, after wow unfreezes the game crashes to desktop then opens up again a second later exactly where i was. Sometimes theres a massive sound glitch too and the freezing seems to be completely random, sometimes happens after 5 minutes of playing and happens sporadically or other times it takes like an hour to start freezing but will then start crashing more and more often. One time had myself stuck in a torghast run because game would freeze, recover and then freeze again 20 seconds later aaaand repeat for 30 minutes. Really annoying as this makes it super hard to do any multiplayer content and have heard quite a few other people say they are also experiening similar freezing.

Please reply with a DxDiag report for troubleshooting.

In the meantime, try these steps:

Unsure how to upload files to forums but i copied into a pastebin link,

I have tried lots of fixes for this like repairing game files and closing other programs and whatnot. Nothing has seemed to fix it so far

Event Name: D3DDRED2
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: VEN_10DE

A clean install of the GPU drivers may help, as there are crashes in the report.

Sorry for the late reply, haven’t played in a few days. Have done a clean install of new drivers available for my card and this hasn’t fixed the issue. Was playing for 4 hours tonight after the clean install when it decided to start doing the freezing basically the minute i started a m+, mix of couple second freezes to full 15-20 second freezes. This is making me not want to play wow at all, has been happening since 9.2.5 dropped. Almost a month straight of this is really offputting. Just want to add that this doesn’t happen in any other game except for wow, have played CoD for multiple hours just fine and same with LoL, no issues at all in either of those games

Your next step would be resetting the UI. Make sure no addon managers are installed to prevent them from adding data back where you delete it.