Gambit so easy

how is i just did a 2 gambit just testing the difficulty and its way easier than these new dungeons at 2 can you give me your lawyer talk ion and give me a good explanation why? and don’t give me you need to learn the new old ones i fully remember them.

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I HATE GAMBIT. The last boss with the stars confuses me, then again though I never really ran gambit that much.

I made a post about this and basically what I got is our gear isn’t good enough, players don’t know mechs, and just the usual this new season is hard bc blah blah blah. But truly the taz keys are SO much easier than the others, I don’t think it’s only bc more ppl know the mechs to those two :man_shrugging: I really think Karahazan and the wod ones are overturned

Because everyone has been running streets and gambits for months now. They know the ins and outs of it. The new dungeons, not so much. We have set routes that still work for gambit, but new dungeons are “experiments” because people don’t remember mechanics or routes due to time passing.

You may remember them OP, but most do not. It’s very obvious with how many die to karazhan’s first boss and then people who drop maiden’s golden puddle in the middle of the room. Also a lot of people have joined WoW AFTER legion karazhan and BFA - they never did mechagon or karazhan. Just to name a few reasons why gambit is easier.

Just look at timewalking, half the time people don’t remember what bosses do in TW let alone a WoD dungeon or legion dungeon.

You can’t be serious expecting everyone to have a perfect memory…

WoD dungeons aren’t overtuned. I’ve had a easy time with Iron Docks, Grimrail wasn’t bad either with a good group. Karazhan however, yes it is overtuned. Mechagon is a joke.


Red line points to you. You make red line touch star. Profit.

There, now you know the mechanic.

No, I know but every time I do it’s wrong.

Basically all the stars have to get hit before she will phase. In hard mode, you had to do it in 1 cycle.

In the M+ version, the stars will turn dark when theyve been hit. Turn every star dark to continue with the fight.

Grimrail + quaking is enough for make me unsub

ITT: Does a +2 Gambit. Claims it’s easy.


Skip those weeks then. Why unsub?

Good news btw: Explosive can be LOS’d in Grimrail so easy week.

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a 2 gambit is way easier than the other keys one guy in there had no clue yet he didn’t died imagine it being a kara key and boom dead. i just find it amusing the difference in them and its quite obvious.

Idk which I did, but it had an infinite dragon in it and I loved it.

So far the dungeons feel pretty easy except lower kara. That spanked us haaaaaaaaard.


Lower is insanely, disgustingly broken.

i tryed a lower kara got tore up i just laughed . guess i ought to find new friends again since mine quit in sl and quit pugging.

What’s the other one?

Yeah, Horseman was what got us the most. Moreos was interesting, I liked that they gave us traps. Made me think of Ghostbusters.

We did pull 4 ushers and got chain blinded but we had a good giggle about it.

Gambit is the one with the dragon, streets is the “other” one if I’m reading your question correctly.

Gambit and Iron docks are going to be the easy keys this season. Have you done junkyard yet? If not, I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s one of my favorite dungeons in WoW ever. I was so happy to get to go back to it.

They’ll nerf lower soon.

We haven’t. We still need to do a Grimrail/Both Mechas and the Streets one you mentioned. We started off doing SL m0s to get some quick pieces of gear since it’s still 262 ilvl.

We’re feeling hella good about this season atm tho. Feels pretty nice.

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My group usually doesn’t push past 20. We’re all a little discouraged currently given how difficult some of these are (especially for melee.) it’ll likely smooth out over the next couple of weeks.

Glad you’re enjoying them. I’m not sure how I feel about it currently. I like the idea of what they’re doing, but the length and mechanics of some of these dungeons are becoming tedious.

Does Lower Kara have a checkpoint of some sort? That was brutal wiping on Horseman and then running back.

There is a stark difference in the WoD dungeon difficulty vs. Legion/BFA. There’s just a lot more going on in the fights with these later dungeons.