Gallywix caught selling runs for real money

Good. Legit or not, even if they did charitable runs from time to time, their services where hella overpriced.

I mean, unless we know how blizzard is catching them it’s just speculation. It could all be he said she said

Fun thought, what if Blizz had a handful of employees go undercover as normal players to set up stings on RMT boost providers? There’d be absolutely no way for sellers to tell, and 2-3 people could probably cycle through a realm’s sellers in relatively little time.

There are 6000 plus people on Gallywix and if there is any talk of rmt it’s going on in chat that 99% of people don’t have access to. I can see basically all boosting channels except management ones for example and I’m not even an in houser. Very few people if any outside management knew this was going on. Heck the managers are known for literally blowing through 60 plus mil in a month on pvp boosts. There wasn’t really reason to expect this especially since the cuts they take are so small compared to other communities which is why it got huge.

no. we dont sell runs for real money. someone was using the gold earned via gallywix to sell it for real money. it’s not allowed, but every community has one idiot that does it.

shame blizzard wants to slander an entire community because they’re too lazy to ban the individuals.

hope blizzard is proud of themselves for potentially killing a community that brought a lot of people together who’ve made a lot of friends, even created relationships.


Blizzard is known more for the hammer than the scalpel so I’m not surprised honestly.


yep. they have no idea how damaging this is. a lot of people just assume we’re scumbags who RMT or spam trade or whatever, but we’re actually a community that jokes around, has friends, and even plays other games with eachother.

I personally logged 80+ hours into the game Sea of Thieves because of the friends made with Gallywix. Made some gold on the side to help fund raid expenses and buy mounts and stuff.

I’ve done nothing malicious. Many people have done nothing malicious yet Blizzard seeks to destroy the community because of a few.


Shocking nobody at all. Ban the lot of these sillies.

Well you can see some of them referring you to web sites that make it clear you have to pay for the carry with real world money. So if nothing else Blizzard could stage stings using these services. Once the word got out that they were doing this, I bet a lot of these services would fold.

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Someone at your workplace was caught stealing office supplies, guess you get to go to jail too.


Yes you can see non Gallywix ones do this. This was a management issue not your typical random advertiser or booster doing it.

The better way to express what you wrote is that the boss just fires everyone potentially involved.

I guess, it would be like someone in IT was stealing so you fire all of IT.

I agree more comparable example. Was thinking of something absurd like this lol,

good lord, MY EARS

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im glad.

ban them all.

this is an mmorpg not a microtransaction capitalist game

Ban a bunch of people who weren’t doing RMT for doing something blizzard told them was ok to do?

99% of people were doing gold only sales


Right. If thats true then whey blizzard is aiming it at the community and not specific people? HAHAHHAA

I hope they ban all of them.

Because blizzard is what blizzard is, they don’t know HOW to not use the hammer instead of the scalpel. Everything they do is hamfisted.

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Wrong. Nothing will change a few people will get banned is all.