Gallywix caught selling runs for real money

Finally I dont have to see that name in trade chat every 5 seconds

There is a wowhead article I cannot post because I am on my brain dead phone


they’ll just be replaced by some of the others i imagine.


People try RMT in-game? Sounds risky. Gold for carries on the other hand, which is kind of the same thing if you buy time with it, isn’t against the ToS though I don’t think.

Pretty much this. Huokan and Starlight more than likely


One of my friends participated in some runs but was only ever paid in gold, i’m a little worried that he might get caught up in this stuff :disappointed_relieved:

I hope they thoroughly go through the logs to make sure they’re banning the right people (the ones that did stuff for real money) and not just doing a massive blanket ban on anyone that was there.


Sounds good. :+1:


Dont be worried if he did nothing wrong he should be fine

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It shouldn’t be a problem, as long as chat logs and sale records match up with your friend only having ever been paid with gold.

The basic business model of Gallywix is exceedingly efficient and above board.

If the Gallywix name gets sunk by people within it doing RMT, they’ll just join or make a community does the same thing.

Generally Blizzard are precise with this kind of thing. They’ll ban people who did the carries, and those who also got paid through referrals and whatnot, but they won’t ban people for simply being in the Gallywix community.


They are like little bugs, one goes smash smash and 10 go in it’s place. It won’t solve anything trade chat related.


I was hoping it would hurt their motivation to keep selling runs for gold haha

Hehehe, no… it’s too lucrative to kill their motivation.
Now if we banned carries for gold… :thinking:

No no … that won’t happen.
Or will it… :thinking:

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Going forward, accounts may receive actions if they are found to be involved in future transactions with Gallywix or are

Got that from the blue post.


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It won’t, considering blizzard has flat out ok’d it.

It was said jokingly. :expressionless:

I wish, if we didnt have the token carrys for gold would be much more appropriate and we’ll earned.

Honestly it doesn’t hurt anyone. The spam is annoying but thankfully I’ve moved to a med pop that really is more tame.

Past that I just ignore it.

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Gold’s so easy to make I highly doubt there’s too many people dropping money for tokens for a 1 million gold carry or whatnot.

Do some do it? Sure, whales are a thing.


  1. You don’t have to see anything in trade chat you don’t want to see

  1. Why wouldn’t you continue to see them? Blizz won’t ban an organization they’ll ban players.

  2. If Blizz did ban an organization they’d just rebrand like Method did

If I had evidence a blue said something I’d probably link it as well.

But still, see point 3.

Its at the top of the forums pinned.

I’m on my phone I cant be a good forumer