Gallywix caught selling runs for real money

I guess they’re okay with this happening and then dealing with it manually, forever.

If people weren’t buying carries they wouldn’t be creating businesses and hiring employees to sell them.

I expect to see more changes in shadowlands that will increase the appeal of carries to players who feel locked out of content.

Increasing token sales was a consideration, but now it’s gotten out of control.

Assuming it makes any sense to buy runs in the first place, why would anyone do this instead of just selling tokens and using gold?

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It’s not the carries or the WoW tokens that are the problems. In this Gallywix situation, it appears that the people at the top of the pyramid converted their WoW gold to cash money.

I’ve seen websites that only accept money offering services that go well beyond paid carries.

That’s what I read this to mean as well. Now you know they are/were involved in this, associate with them at your own risk.

The answer is in the lore.

Who became leader of the Goblins after Gallywix became too dirty to keep around?


They just need to do something about the constant “WTS carry” spam in trade. It’s worse than the gold sellers before because it’s so constant and frequent it drowns out everything else.

It was said in jest.


Funny enough didnt wowhead mention using that community to get their keys for the mount or N’zoth mount

Given the amount of glossy targeted ads I’m still getting thrown at me on websites for classic gold/services, I don’t imagine these organizations are going to give up their businesses easily.

They’ll work around it.

Offense is always easier than defense in these situations.

The sad part is that there’s a market for these services at all. You sign up for a video to pay other people to play it for you? Lame.

Considering gallywix was just a hub, I have a feeling you’ll still be seeing the actual runners independently posting after this.

Yes the racist diatribes and political arguments are the true point of trade not selling services how dare they.

“that were associated with this group and taking part in the real money trading transactions.”

If they weren’t part of the group selling carries for real world cash, they shouldn’t have anything to worry about. They are not going after people for doing what they said was acceptable, they are going after those that took it clearly beyond what is allowed.

I’d rather have that than every minute or two “WTS carry”. It’s spam at this point, that’s the issue. Not using it to “trade”. The fact it’s like 3-4 people spamming the same paragraph every minute or two drowns out everything else going on.

Why are they shutting down entirely, then? Twitter, Discord, website, all scrubbed.

As the full saying goes, “A few bad apples spoil the bunch.”

literally won’t… if they only got paid in gold and knew nothing about the RMT… he’s fine… if they were to ban the boosters in gallywix… they’d literally be banning thousands of the games top players… not a good plan…

You do understand that Blizzard can’t actually do ANY of that themselves? What do you think they have moderation permissions on twitter and discord now and they can magically delete websites? Those were taken down by Gallywix themselves.