Fyr'alath the Dreamrender in pvp

I just wonder if that weapon is going to be worth the grind and be relevant in pvp, what are your thoughts on it?


The 7 extra ilevs are appealing (weapon dps is huge)

The charge roots and silences you for 3 seconds and the damage is heavily nerfed so that’s probably out.

It’s haste/crit, the latter of which isn’t ideal, but it’s weighted towards haste.

The charge is good enough to ignore the damage nerfs. can you imagine being a melee that got kited all game and barely couldn’t killa caster than you just leap at them to kill out of nowhere.

Kinda cringe.

how big is the nerf in pvp?

it’s like 100k over 3 seconds instead of 800k or whatever so i think 70%

yea i think charge is the thing that’s going to make it viable

Three second root and silence


how is the weapon damage to attack damage calculated? Or is it individual for each spell

That’s more Battlecruisr’s department. :dracthyr_tea:

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Still have this clip of it being used.

wtb heroic fyrakk kills pst

It’s weird to me cause my low levels do plenty of damage despite their weapon tooltip being like 1-2 damage. So I assumed it wasn’t going off weapon damage at all. Guess it’s calculated differently with real weapons and low level is just a different template or w/e.

I think you can think of weapon dps as, like, a really good agi/str. At least in the mainhand.

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Don’t worry, melee with this weapon will still complain that they don’t have 100% uptime on ranged specs.


A mage complaining about melee uptime with 120000 blinks and alter time :pensive: hell truely did freeze over didnt it


I’m not the one complaining, melee are, that’s why they’ll no doubt give you 100% duration on Bladestorm and it will also root, re-root and silence everything it touches.

And chief among melee whining is often you.

dude its a 3s root silence literally turn 360 degrees and walk away

well ur just goofy, use charge 1 to catch blink 1, then charge 2 to catch blink 2, then when they displacement you can uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

bloodrage and terminator walk at them…i think…?

oh yeah displacement refreshes blink 1 so after you terminator walk at them you’re gonna wanna um

heroic throw their new 1st blink then log out and play balance druid and press sunfire


since when did warrior bladestorm get a silence lol. Also, you easily can shimmer out of bladestorm as a mage even with the cancel charge in to bladestorm you just use the mage ability that takes you back to where you tpd and your fine. Not to mention half the people who are complaining are casters when a melee uses almost all his mobility just to connect once and as a mage if you’re letting a war connect, you’re doing something wrong on top of the fact half the melee and ranged atp besides a small few. And lastly the legendary roots you in place to where you charged with it so even if they do charge you all you got to do is just walk away its not that big.

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Almost certainly not. It will probably be good and useable, but the stat line is relatively unappealing and its barely an ilvl increase.

Im sure it maths out to probably like a 3-5% damage increase when you acount for the effect plus ilvl assuming full uptime, but for the millions of gold it costs to make (~2mil in mats on top of getting it to drop after grinding blp and farming hours of open world content) its almost certainly not worth.

Tl;dr the legendary will not make or break you achieving any rating goals.

P.S. does anyone know if the on-use can be cancelled after using the charge component?

This reminds me of a hilarious YouTube vid I saw a few years back. This dude made an elaborate “how to” pvp vid from spriest pov. He was walking through the setup and everything and then he gets one shot and the video ends with him saying “then you log out and play rogue/mage to win all your games” or something like that xD