Fyr'alath + Nasz'uro - The Major Issues

Alright - hear me out on this and please tell me if you agree.

Fyr’alath is a weapon that legitimately is a game changer for the classes that use it. It’s at least a 5% or 10k+ dps increase. The issue with having an item that is so impactful based solely on luck is that you’re creating a situation where players who put the work in have no recourse to obtain the item.

The number of alts I have seen that get Fyralath with 2-3 kills of Fyrakk total across all difficulties is staggering. Meanwhile, I have killed Fyrakk 10 times on Normal and 15 times on Heroic difficulty now, 8 & 13 times respectively since the legendary was obtainable from those difficulties.

Why not sit there and make it so that when someone has collected 25 Greater Embers they can go buy the piece.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that players of lower skill level are out DPS’ing me solely because of the lego DoT for example and I can’t do anything but wait until next Tuesday to not get it again.

Rant complete. Please note, if you’re going to sit there and disagree with this opinion and you’re one of the people who has gotten it to drop and didn’t kill the boss on heroic difficulty 15 weeks in a row then I genuinely don’t care what you have to say.


Because its a legendary, its meant to be hard to get, in fact ill be honest, people should really not complain with how easy it is to get.

Legendries should be that, legendary, they should be amazing, you should stop and go woah, when you see it, but modern wow legendries ever since i would argue the daggers, have been awful and so boring.

They should have done it in the fasion of a quest like the daggers and shadowmourn.


That would actually make it even harder to get, unless that’s your point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, that is my point. it should be harder to get that way they can it can actually be worth while.

Listen ill be honest, the axe this exp is probably the most lame legendary weapon i have seen them put out. It honestly feels like blizzard is scared to make legendary weapons actually powerful like they used to be. I would rather it be harder to get, but more powerful.

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I’d be more on board with this. I would agree- making it this “easy” to get really puts the people getting bad luck into a tizzy. I do believe I have the worst luck in general when it comes to loot lol. A very difficult thing to do would be a great way to make sure people can get it. Like guarantee the loot of it but make the quests way way harder like you gotta farm 10 weeks to get it.

If you can make the item a guaranteed drop, it should not even be a legendary at that point, it would just be a cool epic item.

Legendary should be that, LEGENDARY, not Pitty rewarded, or “Oh look you managed to check enough boxes to finally get it.” No, it should be a legendary reward.

Typically the quests take 4-6 months for casual players, keep that in mind :stuck_out_tongue:


Explain to me then please how it having a very low drop rate chance makes it a Legendary weapon? Rather than making it incredibly difficult to craft and require time?

Because right now you got people sitting with it that couldn’t complete a +20 key in time if their lives depended on it sitting with the axe and you’ve got Critcake and Biz sitting there with no axe.

I wouldn’t even mind if it was only available from Mythic Fyrakk but this is literally coddling the casual community and punishing the hardcore community whose ability to push content and rankings hindered by luck.

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Because being just a low drop rate does not make it legendary, it makes it a boring chance item.
The steps you need to do to get the axe is laughably easy to anyone who puts even a moderate amount of effort into the game.

I would rather them just mirror the quest we got for shadowmourn that was a good challenge required group effort and was a really good reward.

Also to hell with the Mythic community, thats less then 1% of the wow player base, catering the game around 1% or less of the player base is a horrible idea. Legendaries should be about putting in a lot of time and effort and complete difficult challenges to earn a just reward.
Having to hope that RNGsus rewards you is not a challenge when it alone is the biggest hurdle to get over.

Or we are a class that has yet to have one?

Yall are already broken you dont need one.

Okay so we are actually agreeing lol but in the form of a disagreement :stuck_out_tongue: I would say that RNGsus being the hurdle is what makes it terrible. It’s heinous to sit here 15 kills on heroic Fyrakk and not have it tbh. But I would be more than happy to be working on it for 15 weeks and still not having been able to craft it but having the ability to grind it still…I 100% agree.


The problem is they should never balance a class around such a rare item and if they make it easier to get, then it becomes a problem but only in the other direction. Legendary items need to be just a slight boost over other BIS items. This way you are not held back for not having one but having one doesn’t hold back those without one.

It is a difficult line to walk and Blizzard has never done a good job with it.

I 100% agree with this.

The issue is your biggest concern seem to be your parses. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but it would seem you’ve had no issue clearing the content you want to do so the only reason you might "need " it is to boost your dps, and that has never been a priority for the dev team.
These super rare items are supposed to be the icing on the cake, they aren’t intended to be something everyone gets or even most people get, and making it a guaranteed acquisition would be contrary to the spirit of legendary items (legion leggos notwithstanding). That said there is some concern that the specs that can use it are balanced around having the axe. Can’t say I can confirm that but that would be my only issue with it.

It’s more the balance with others surrounding the axe that is the problem. I have never cared about my parses but when there is a 5-10% dps boost from a single item and I’m pulling the lowest dps in 26s and 27s by about the margin it feels bad. There’s no way that I’m good enough to care about parses because even with the lego there’s gonna be 200-300 warriors around the world that beat me with it or without it.

No offense but your contradicting yourself. You say your not concerned about your dps but your issue is your dps relative to others.
In my experience it’s much healthier to focus on completion of content as opposed to how my dps stacks up. Playing the dps game is always going to end up a losing prospect at some point. If it’s not a leggo, it’s class tuning, or an op caster trink, or someone whose simply better than you, etc.
If your timing 26s and 27s your dps is obviously sufficient, and your performing at a level well above the vast majority of the player base.
I would recommend focusing on playing the best you can with what you have and not being so concerned with how you stack up to others. Let the content you can complete be your measurement for success and satisfaction, not your relative dps.

Questchains that give guaranteed drops aren’t harder. Potentially longer depending on your relationship with RNGesus though.

Longer isn’t harder though.

If it should be about overcoming a difficult challenge make it a guaranteed group loot drop off mythic Fryakk and not obtainable any other way.

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If it was a quest chain similar to wrath/Cata style significantly less people would have the legendary.

Basically guilds would have made about 1 so far, and zero would have been obtained from pugging.