Future Allied Races Thread (Discussion)


Dude I’ve been thinking the same thing! Though Saurok lorewise are essentially savage brutes that can’t be reasoned with. Not a huge fan of their models either (but updates could always change my mind).

I’d like to see something closer to a Crocodile/Alligator, Leopard Gecko, or a Monitor Lizard (Komodo Dragon/Nile Monitor). Either would be awesome if done right. Sethrak are a good alternative, but I’d like one of the others too.


My list :drooling_face:
4-Forest troll
6-Undead Humans (Nathanos)


I really want to see some Wildhammer Druids! Their tank form would obviously be an awesome looking bear of some sort, but what of their feral? A griffin-like creature (minus wings)? Worked with the owlcats, so who really knows.


I would like to see a New Undead Race… with more customization option than what the Forsaken have… Like be a Skeleton, or look like all ghostly, shadowy Wraith or be like those new red eye vampiric looking undead that Sylvanas have been raisin lately… or even San’layn (Darkfallen) would be cool specially if added with a new class like Blood Mage, Lich, Necromancer or Dark Ranger… Beyond DK, Warlocks and Shadow Priest we don’t have many classes that tap into the powers of Death, Blood, Shadow or Decay. I guess the class doesn’t matter much but it be cool to have more classes to match new AR undead. :star_struck:

Beyond that I like Ogres, specially with an option to look as strong and big as Rexxar as we already have sexy fat races in the Kul’tiran and Pandas. :heart_eyes:
Or Vrykul would be cool to have too! Maybe there is a small small size tribe of them existing in Azeroth somewhere that could join…? :man_shrugging:t2:

Dragon Races or Naga would be cool too… but even Blizzard has admitted in the past that they have consider them since Vanilla but they be too hard to implement…in comparison to other existing races, starting with the different equipment they use or not use, if I remember correctly on that old interview. :thinking:

Hmmm, I think that pretty all the races I like to see really see… :sweat_smile:

(Lahkshmi) #37

Everyone is forgetting the one race that would be a great neutral race and its been living on Uldum the entire time… the Ramkahen (Tol’vir)! Theyre one of the ones I’ve wanted for a long time.

Other than them, I want Arrakoa, Sethrak, Vulpera, Moknathal and Ogres

(Alamara) #38

My predictions remain unchanged. Datamining from 8.2 made me way more sure of what I had wrote before:

So, the update to my old post:

  • Vulpera got an icon for Brewfest alongside many allied races.
  • It’s now confirmed that junker gnomes have playable quality models that can use gear.
  • It’s not confirmed that ankoan use NPC models.
  • I still need confirmation, but the new gilblin models are also NPC-quality.

To me, it’s all but confirmed next allied race pair will be vulpera and junker gnomes. Above 90% chance for both.


Fantastic list! Very plausible options!.

Only thing I would add is that there is a gender difference in the Sethrak. I have encountered only a few females, but they exist. Also, their Loa is essentially a female model (just shiny and zappy). Still, they have a lot of work if they were to become a candidate.

(Cashcollecta) #40
  • I still need confirmation, but the new gilblin models are also NPC-quality.

An HD Gilgoblin model has been seen in one of the previews and keep in mind that the PTR has only been out for a short time. Especially as the goblin model updates approach, it is quite possible those models will get updated. It is also worth noting that in wowmodelviewer Gilgoblins have more animations done for them than Vulpera males do. Female Gilgoblins would likely be the same.

(Vaelian) #41

There’s a proposal of Naga that are able to turn back into something closer to their original form so it’s a bit like Worgen. Solves most of the issues.

HIgh Elves/San’layn
Wildhammer/Forest Trolls
Night Elf Worgen/Satyr
Sea Elven Werenaga/Gilblin

Saurok, Quillboar, are all neat as well.

I’d like Fel Orcs, Man’ari, Nightborne, and Broken as options for demon hunters.


I came to say the same thing :). Leper gnomes would be great!

(Phaylanxx) #43

If they add more AR’s, I hope they start a new trend and release all in future actually in a finished state. No armor clipping issues, no missing sounds or animations, more choices for character creation and include matching weapons transmogs for Heritage Armor.


I honestly am surprised that the broken weren’t an AR option. With the HD models on Argus, they would’ve made better variety as opposed to LFD, but I guess they were going with a theme (2 similars, 2 crossfaction reps)

(Droité) #45

Gilblins now have new textures and a new female model.

However, this is someone counteracted by the fact that they are still relying on the original Goblin rigs (which means these new skins were developed for those now 8 year old models, including immobile eyes and blocky hands/feet). I would think that it would not be as simple as merely shifting this skin to the new Gob models when they come out in 8.2.5 (though I could be wrong).

More noticeable (and this could certainly change). Thus far, just like the male Gilblins the females use one face (with two hairstyle variants). I am also unsure how much clipping there would be with their arm fins (as I could see them not just cutting through gloves, but also cloaks with their size).

(Lahkshmi) #46

It might explain why I think the female gilblin model looks like hot garbage. The skin is probably meant for the new models in 8.2.5, but they had to slap it onto the old model to not spoil the new rig theyre getting.

Edit: wrote goblin, not gilblin

(Vaelian) #47

Wouldn’t surprise me, as others have said, if they weren’t originally intended rather than the Void Elves as it’s their faction you gain rep with for the VE.
Still makes sense to go back for them, not leave them behind once again…Velen just needs to team up with the Lightforged and take the Vindicaar to go get them =]

(Droité) #48

I’m uncertain. By the looks of the concept art, the new Goblin rigs will have some fairly heavy alterations to their facial structure to facilitate a wider range of animations (this is especially prominent in the eyes, which are no longer painted on … thank god). The new Gilblin Textures however seem deliberately developed for the older rigs that wouldn’t facilitate that very well (including glowy, but still very much painted on eyes). This is especially apparent in the eye, feet, and hand shape.

I genuinely have no idea how well they could transfer directly over to the new models (even if they attempted to). Textures are important, but pasting them over a model not intended for that shape is unlikely to look very good either.

(Lahkshmi) #49


Oof, that is true. But heres hoping, I honestly wouldnt mind seeing an updated Gilblin, their noses interest me cus theyre shaped almost like a shark’s nose and the ear fins are my favorite part about them.

(Seije) #50

love the ideas. I’ve been holding out for a reptilian race since NAga were first rumored after BC announcement, and i’m getting really tired of waiting.

Sethrak are my current hope, but if i were to get my dream-race, it’d be the D&D style lizard-based Kobolds instead of WoW’s rat-bolds. I love RPing as those adorable little idiots in tabletop RPGs, and it’d be fun to have a similar race in WoW.

(Gulrum) #51

Here’s my wish list for the races without ARs yet:

Gnome -> Mechagnome
Goblin -> Gilgoblin
Worgen -> Ankoan
Forsaken -> Blightcaller Forsaken
Pandaren -> Vulpera

(Vaelian) #52

Let’s make a list of snacks we wanna take!