Fun and patient raiding guild now recruiting!

Civil Disobedience (Alliance - US - Whisperwind) is now recruiting all players and classes for our end-game content team! Our guild is in a bit of a unique situation that would be the perfect spot for someone either looking to get into raiding, or wanting to leave the high-stress atmosphere that many raiding guilds have. We are hoping to find recruits that will round out our team to move into mythic raiding come 8.2.

We run mythics every night except for Tuesday and Friday, which are our raid nights (8p CST - 10:30p CST). We do not have an aggressive attendance requirement - we find that by respecting our guildies and each other, people naturally WANT to show up.

We are currently raiding normal and heroic BoD, with a strong focus on learning and teaching. This means that if you are interested in moving toward raiding but have strayed away due to feeling it’s high pressure and high stress, not feeling like you’ve given the time and space to learn the fights, or feeling like PUGs are generally awful, then we would love to have you join us. We are more than willing to teach you the fights and to be patient with you, as long as you give us your very best!

Read on for more info, or whisper Hypotenuse (mage) on Whisperwind to chat! If I’m not on, whisper anyone who is and ask to speak to someone in High Council. You can also email us at ! We are open to paying for server transfers in some cases.

About us:

Civil Disobedience a new Alliance guild on Whisperwind. We found each other via our friends over in , and quickly bonded and formed a core m+ and raiding team. We very rapidly successfully established a raiding group that - while only raiding two hours a week for four weeks - was able to down BoD normal 5/9 and heroic 1/9, while running m+ nightly when not raiding.

In June 2019 we decided to branch off into our own guild with the goal of quickly forming a team of players who wanted to shift from approaching WoW casually to a more competitive and end-game focus. Under the leadership of our GM, Hypotenuse, we brought approximately 40 toons to Civil Disobedience.

While we are indeed aiming to be a successful end-game focused guild, what really makes this a unique environment is our strong bond and willingness to help each other succeed. We don’t just consider our own characters & needs, we watch each others raider io and ilvl to see how we can best boost each other up. We also understand that this shift in mentality from casual playing to more focused playing means there is a learning curve, and we embrace that learning process with motivated patience. We might rib each other about dps and face pulls, but we 100% have each others backs. At night you’ll find us grouping together and during the day you’ll find us chatting on discord about boss strats, how we can improve, new ways to approach fights, and progress we made the night before.

At this point, the only thing holding us back from raid progress is our need for a few more players to round out our team, which will allow us to add a second raid night.

If you’re someone who wants to push keys and work on raid content in an environment that won’t penalize you for failing and instead encourages you to learn, who wants a group of like-minded friends ready to support whatever your in game goal might be, who likes shooting the breeze with a bunch of (mostly) adults, who is ready to take your playing to the next level without being condescended to, and who is willing to put in the time and work to learn and leave your ego at the door, this is the right place for you.

Rules, Requirements and Info

  1. It is strongly recommended that you download the following addons if you want to run raids or m+ content with us: Deadly Boss Mods, Astral Keys, Recount, GTFO, Weakauras/Tell Me When. We also find Bartender and Plater’s M+ profile really helpful, and can recommend some class specific addons if you’re interested. If you are unwilling to download Deadly Boss Mods but have an alternative you prefer to use, please message me directly – and if you prefer to not use addons at all, be prepared to prove you can perform exceptionally well in raids without them.

  2. Must have discord. You do not need to speak if you don’t want to, but must be able to listen.

  3. Loot is awarded via the in-game loot system which assigns loot randomly. However, if you receive an item that is not an upgrade, we ask that you always offer it up to your guildies in the group prior to keeping it for disenchant or scrapping.

  4. We do not tolerate implicit or explicit racism, ableism, homophobia, or sexism. Understand the difference between punching up and punching down, and try to avoid punching down. For example, a joke made about sexism and punching up at people who have a sexist mentality is different than punching down at women. We do understand that accidents and mistakes happen as a human. If you say something offensive or problematic, be open to hearing that feedback. Be an adult, we’re sure you can figure it out. Side note: Our guild is has many women in it, including some officers and our GM - so if you take issue with this, this is definitely NOT the spot for you.

  5. We do not ask that you be the best, but that you always do your best. This includes planning ahead for our Raids and Mythic runs and arriving prepared and on time. Read/watch strategies online to anticipate the challenge ahead. Ensure that your gear is repaired, gemmed and enchanted where possible. If you need materials such as potions, flasks, gems, or enchantments, get them ahead of time. We endeavor to keep our guild bank generously stocked but also expect members to contribute to the cause (herbs, ore, enchants, gems, scrolls etc.) to the best of their capabilities. Never be afraid to ask for help or guidance. It’s what we do best!

  6. We ask that you approach your guildies with respect and patience, and give constructive and helpful feedback when it is warranted. Be open to receiving the same feedback. Leave your ego at the door. Communicate with each other out of a place of kindness and always assume the best intentions.