Frostmourne crashing multiple times per day

In a +18 SBG… suddenly 2 of us can’t push any buttons… chat is working perfectly… eventually get disconnected…
“Error retrieving character list” - black screen when attempting to reconnect.

3 times per day (for me) but others said it has been happening during the time im not online too.

Been happening since Friday at least.


Was happening last night also…

Crashed again just 2 hours later, this time on final boss of a +20 - can’t hearth back to valdrakken

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Yup crashed earlier, got in about an hour ago, crashed again now. I’m sure glad I bought those 3 wow tokens for my characters to make some easy gold, especially since I can’t use them, play or do anything. Especially happy I just renewed sub for 6 months to what seems to be a game I can’t play lol

It happened again just now.

@blizzard frostmourne keeps crashing. whats going on?

This is the third time today. :frowning:

Deadset. It’s pretty poor. Easter Holidays. Some of the more casual of us are getting a good chance to play and all up I’ve lost connection about 5 times in the last 36 hours. CRICKETS from Blizzard…

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been happening for the last couple of weeks, just been more frequent this weekend. But getting Blizzard to do anything is like ask for world peace


Problem has started again today - first it says “disconnected from battle net services” then within 3 minutes disconnect to login screen…

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Started again to day. Server down many times.

Happening again tonight. Guild chat down, party finder not working, frequent disconnects and unable to log back in.

We need some acknowledgement of the problem. Seems like has been going on peak time in evenings for a week now

They finally acknowledged it. A mod moved the mega-thread to “Technical Support”.

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am i right in thinking its happened right now?

Yup, 4 out of our RBG team all DC’ed

Thanks for the update

Anyone having issues getting on?

Yes just got booted from heroic 5 man, entire guild was booted within the previous 5 mins. Lost bnet/guild chat etc.

Wonder if the going to blame this yet again on the under ocean cable like the last 4 weeks.

Got kicked from my 5 man heroic, now have deserter!

Great game.

Wouldn’t surprise me… Blizz/Activision are turning into a small Indie company

AND… Its down again…