Frost 2h 2% buff

It’s comical hanging out on the frost dk discord and everyone is like “its fine look at my parses”. Thats cool you are parsing high but can you seriously not see how behind this is compared to UH? Switching to UH isn’t an options for me because I put my ashe into my BIS legendary.


Yea I kinda laughed the other day when the charts got posted on WoWHead and Biceps was saying “Frost is completely fine”. I can go smack a dummy for 5 minutes and watch as no matter what setup I run as Frost, I cannot get within 15% of Unholy. 2H Frost is consistently 20% behind. Granted DW is better, but not enough to even come close to bridging that gap. And thats just on a dummy so I can’t even use Soul Reaper.

Perfect example. On my most recent Denathrius kill, I screwed up bad and parsed like a 73 with Unholy and did almost 200,000 more damage over the course of the fight than I did as 2H Frost the previous week parsing a 82. Fight length variance was only 3 seconds as well.

It aint a L2P issue. The people parsing 90%+ as Frost know exactly what they’re doing.


2% lmao what the fk is this going to do other than nothing?


This “buff” is the biggest slap in the face frost can receive… what a joke… a literal bandaid that does nothing to the spec overall… now we will get nothing


By you know, actually playing in arenas. I also agree that 2h could use help, but the gaps between levels of joke-ness is greater between 2h and dw. DW is meme levels.

I’m going to say to you the same thing you said to me;


I want to give everyone some hope by relaying this…

The 2% is likely to change. Good news is we are not on the chopping blocks for nerfs and the closer we can close that gap the better. We are obviously underperforming hence why the spec being looked at so we’ll see what they come up with.

I don’t think anyone is happy with a measly 2%, however it does make me excited for Tuesday.


And you said that burst sucks over and over and over and over and that Frost has to be carried. DW would increase the ability that everyone says does more damage which would be chill streak. Increased by 15% on one target at the very least.

I dont think I would really take your word on the state of pvp since you have done nothing but complain about it.

how much were the nerfs in total for might and oblit?

2% is a joke why are we thinking that will help at all


Its a 2% increase for just using a 2h and its the same for monk at the moment.

Because it does.

It’s still better than DW.

Hard concept to grasp, I know.

Nah but we should take yours, who hasn’t stepped foot into the arena.

Makes sense. You spend more time on here than you do playing the game.


How do you know that its better than DW? Have you actually tried DW because with how you talk about it you havent touched it ever.

Yes & so have others who are more talented than I. You & a few others used R1’s as examples that the class is fine - do you see them running DW?

Are you trying to say DW does more up front burst? Or what position are you trying to take, here?

Out of curiosity, if I were to have said no, what would have been your next comment? Tread carefully there & don’t make yourself look like a hypocrite.


My 2 cents:

2% is a joke, and a hope they bump it up. For reference in 208 ilvl with Koltira’s Favor, that’s about 36 more damage on Obliterate (non-Killing Machine Proced) 30 more on Remorseless Winter, 29 more on Frost Strike, 3 on Howling Blast (non-Rime Proced), and 160 on Frostwyrm’s Fury. 60-80 DPS gain on raid bosses. Safe to say, far from enough.

We’ll still be doing paper cut damage outside of Pillar (though all Frost specs has that issue), our AoE will still be very lacking, and Unholy will still out DPS the ST Frost specs.

As for Biceps’s comments on WoWhead, I found them very lacking in content. Was he referring to BoS? Did he mean all the specs can clear Heroic CN with S-tier DPSers in the group? There is a lack of context given in his comments, and I’m surprised about it given his videos are full of context. Almost as if it was a phone-it-in response…

Glad they confirmed they are doing something for 2Hers, so we’ll see what the final numbers are. They HAVE to know 2% isn’t enough and wouldn’t be received well.


I really don’t get why the defense over how bad frost is. Do you think DKs are scared they are going to nerf UH and make it not an S tier dps to fix frost? So rather than talk about how poor frost is preforming they try to push the narrative "frost is fine’. Fine is the most backhanded complement you can give.


Im saying you are just complaining to complain and that your statements dont actually coincide with each other.

And you answered yes to the quote of “How do you know its better than DW” thats not a yes or no question, thats a how do you know that it is better that requires an explanation.

You have turned this into a pvp moaning thread yet again.

If rank 1’s can make frost good against other top tier players, then yes its fine. Its other peoples performance that is the issue and they want the class to make up for their poor performance. Arena is a team area, not a free for all, these other people are able to climb while you sit here and complain about it.

This 2% is not a pvp targeted buff, its a pve targeted buff and in case you havent noticed its a 2% overall damage increase, not targeted buffs per ability, basically an aura which supports the idea that Blizzard actually has their hands tied in how they can actually buff the spec.

2% will be nothing for the vast majority of people and lets look at what this really is, yet another band aid to 2h because the spec is a DW spec. It doesnt matter how much people want to say its not a DW spec, it is. Thats why might exists, thats why they had to buff the KM proc chance for 2h, and its why this 2% aura is being applied to only 2h.

Don’t listen to him. Dude literally doesn’t actually play the game and just trolls on the forums.


Do you only show up to talk trash whenever I post anything at all?

I love it when these threads go off the rails.

2% is nothing though, hope we see more.


would have liked to have seen 8% or 10%


There’s actually an EU player who is ranked 2891 (4th Highest DK in the world) who dual-wields and is Night Fae (Crazy!)

I have heard various players ask Mes, including myself, why 2h is better than DW and he did say what you mentioned about it being more up-front damage, BUT he also said that he has not really tested DW out and is not 100% sure if 2H is the go to. He simply said he always focuses on 2Hs first because its easier to get than 2, one handeds a tmax I level. But he mentioned that down the road he will be trying DW. It’s definitely up in the air though, I feel like with covenants, soulbinds, and conduits, what we “think” is meta can severely change within weeks or upgrades.

Also Mes has stated that DK is not fine at its current state and hopes that with the increase in Health it averages and makes us tankier.

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