Front stabbing and /sitting

When I heard that they were using the modern engine and just reskinning it with classic assets I had the suspicion that some old tricks wouldn’t work anymore.

For those that may not know, the two tricks I am referring to were the method rogues used to backstab a target from the front or warriors and paladins using /sit to guarantee that they would be crit on by the mob attacking them.

From what I understand people playing the beta have confirmed that these things are not possible. What this means for us is that leveling rogues will most likely use the combat swords build and that Reck bomb is gone for paladins.

What I am curious about is what you fellow warriors will be using. Since we can’t /sit to force Blood Craze and Enrage will the 2h fury build even be viable? I think that mobs crit often enough to make it useful, but going straight into the Arms tree may be better.

Let me know what you guys think.

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(((these were private server bugs / exploits))) just sayin


Neither of those “bugs” existed in vanilla.
Both were pserver “bugs”.


Front stabbing existed in BC but I doubt it’s going to be a problem with modern Blizzard servers.


Front stabbing was definitely a bug.

But forcing a crit upon yourself by sitting is not. It’s a creative use of game mechanics and should stay.


The sitting down thing is not a bug, I am also pretty sure this is still in the game today. Front stabbing was never a thing in vanilla unless you want to argue rare cases where someone was lagging their butt off.

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The issue isn’t if sitting forces a crit, which it does, it’s if forcing the crit procs on crit talents like enrage / reckoning. One of the big private servers has an issue open on their github with several videos linked from vanilla that appears to show an auto attack forced to crit in that way not proccing enrage.


beta? what beta?


Very early vanilla, there was a small bug not alot of people knew about. I remember I used to do it, Rogue saps the target and garrote in a way where the sap would not break with the target got garroted lol. It got fixed super quick.

If front stabbing wasn’t a thing in Vanilla then I must have been lagging. I remember being able to force it by jumping over the mobs, which was far less efficient. I didn’t find out about this front stabbing method until recently.

/sit Crits were not a bug.


This was in the game for quite some time, I remember having this done to me in WotLK and it wasn’t a bug, rogues would just position themselves in a way where they wouldn’t autoattack when they hit garrote so it wouldn’t break sap until the first tick. It wasn’t really useful in pvp situations but it was still possible.

  • Sitting down to force a crit was always in the game.
  • Forcing an effect from those crits only worked in PVP and not in PVE.

This means Enrage/Reckoning can be forcefully procced in a PVP situation but not in PVE. Private servers just have those work in both PVE and PVP regardless of how it should be.

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Video love:

Hmmmm, now that I think about it, I always spammed a /sit macro with about 10 lines of /sit. Looking at the video, maybe it had something to do with “standing” back up before the attack registered but after the attack roll…


You could exploit and make the servers believe you weren’t forcing the crits by /sitting, but couldn’t force Reckoning/Enrage normally.

Watch the video literally right above this post

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Talents proccing off sit crits were due to server lag and standing back up before the server registered you as sitting, this issue was directly adressed in patches and you can litterally find the patch note referring to them how it worked, people have become reliant on this on private servers and the reality is it was never a feature of classic just a bug which got fixed. Just like paladins 1 shotting kazzak… i will play a ret paladin and will pvp with reckoning and i for damn sure dont want sit crit procs in game. I want classic wow not a blizzard run buggy private server.


I did not know this was in WOTLK, I remember this was a bug before AQ got dropped and not that many people knew how to do it properly.

Yeah it was but not a lot of people actually knew how to/ even thought about doing this. I remember my arena partner was a rogue then and we use to duel all the time (I was a holy pally) and he would do everything in his power to try and nuke me on the opener so he would sap>wait for energy>garrote>smeld>stealth>then do his opener.

If I remember correctly you had to face your character sort of sideways and hit garrote as you were passing them so you would cast the spell but not autoattack. It was really more of an exploit than a bug because it was working as intended.

I played a raiding Rogue from day 1 of Classic until shortly before TBC came out and i never once heard of or seen front stabbing, not even one time, and i was ontop of stuff like that including the short lived macro that let you backstab/ambush with a sword. So i think that is a private server issue entirely. The /sit issue, thats a different story and i recall that spamming the sit key would have a very high chance of triggering crit procs on you - reckoning, enrage etc, even in pve if it was timed right. That would have a good argument for being in the original game but at the same time blizzard did say that they are including bug fixes, so they might include that as something that needed to be fixed.

Well, the /sit macro isn’t going to stop 2H Fury from being viable, maybe just slower. Same with Rogue, but much slower since the talents in backstab are amazing for this exploit and speed up leveling significantly.