Friend and I looking for an AOTC guild for SL [Burning Legion] (Horde)

A buddy from work and I who play practically everyday on US Burning Legion are looking for like minded folks who can help us join a dedicated, friendly but serious group of individuals for mythic raiding and general PVE content. I main Monk while my friend prefers rogue and it is our absolute dream to be a part of a small (maybe even starting off or brand new) progressive raiding guild that’s managed well with active and social members. We are by no means vets (having started off in the midst of BFA) we are constantly trying to learn more about the game while always having a good laugh :slight_smile:

Add my battle tag Cadillac#1275 We have room for both

Hey Ludo,

I think we might be a good fit. We are only an AOTC guild, but if you are available or are interested in raiding during the morning/daytime, come check us out!

Project Cloverfield (Mal’ganis Server) is expanding with a new daytime Heroic/AOTC raiding group at 11AM Server time / 12PM Eastern Time on Wednesdays. We are currently looking for all roles for players who enjoy raiding, mythic+, PvP, and more.

You can see more information about our guild at our forum post: [H] [Mal'Ganis] <Project Cloverfield> LF Daytime/Morning Raiders for SL (11 AM CST/ST Wed)

Feel free to reach out if you are interested or have any questions!
Battlenet: Noelzy#11138
Discord: Noel#0993

Maybe we should talk.