Free Xfer Used

I would like to pay to xfer again, because sadly the realm I moved to is pretty dead(moved from Bene). Why does the “cooldown” on a realm change exist? I can’t move to a locked realm, so who cares if I pay to move to Eranikus? Please Blizz, can you please remove the restriction from my account so I can xfer to the higher populated realm, were the rest of my friends and family are planning on moving to, off Benediction.

You can transfer in 72 hours after your first transfer.

Where did you go?

I moved to Earthfury, and wanted to go to Eranikus. I fully plan on moving the second the cooldown is up. 72 hours is accurate? I thought it was longer.

Unfortunately it’s hard coded, CS can’t bypass it.

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In that thread, it says that free migrations do not trigger a cooldown, yet I am on one? I took the free xfer off Benediction to help with the queue…is there a way to see how much longer is left on the cooldown?

I just moved to eranikus and its the best decision i’ve ever made on here so far. I did this in the past and went back to my megaserver months later when the ques died. You do not trigger the xfer CD if used on a free transfer. But there is that 72 hour regardless if its free or paid

That should not have triggered a cooldown, but to clarify somehow I read this as you did a paid transfer. It might be worth a ticket placed under the “Purchase Failure” ticket option.

I feel you, the server I xfered to is already dead.

Should have sat in queue…

Did you move this character from another server to benediction in the past?