Free Transfers Closing Today

At around 3:00 p.m. PDT today, we will close the Free Character Move service on all realms where it is currently available.

In this region, this means that all of the different Free Character Moves available from Incendius, Faerlina, and Whitemane will no longer be offered.

We will continue to monitor realm populations, and make further adjustments as necessary.


Does this indicate server populations are balancing to a degree?

Do we have an ETA available for when layers will begin to be removed on a server by server basis?

Thank you!

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I don’t understand why they can’t just move entire factions on dead realms to actually create more viable realms that other people would then want to transfer to. Anathema is dead. You can’t even raid if you want to casually because there aren’t enough groups. No one will ever want to transfer to Anathema because of this, so it’s just a chicken and the egg scenario. You could move the entirety of Horde Anathema to another realm. It’s time to consolidate the dead/small realms. It’s an MMO. There’s nothing “massive” about this realm.

I would doubt that we would yet. I also would doubt that populations have started declining significantly on realms with layers, as there hasn’t particularly been any change in the quarantine status.

According to Warcraft Logs, this is not true. There are several groups doing BWL.

In fact, I recently rolled a Horde alt there specifically because it was smallish, but still had raiding going on. Moving it would just kill the reason I went there in the first place.

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Aww Incindius transfers are closed? I wanted to see the realm die even more than it currently is, losing over half of it’s total population and going from 55A:45H to 85A:15H faction balance. Cheers Activision :ok_hand:


I tend towards this train of thought as well. Which begs the question: if many servers are still over populated and require layers, what is the benefit of closing transfers?

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Any chance of some servers getting unlocked to new characters for an announced 1 day only deal.


lol took long enough. good job team blue.

It’s more than just the Incendius server dying, the casual guilds that didn’t get the memo to bail or weren’t proactive about a move are stuck on a server that’s controlled by a guild, Fusion, that has now damaged 10% of their NA servers through population instability driven by mass harassment, and their solution isn’t to punish the people causing the problems in the first place, but to allow the problems to continue to spread and punish people that are still on Incendius by essentially handing complete control of the server’s economy and major world events to the people that caused the problems in the first place.

What exactly are you talking about here? Care to explain a bit more?

Good question! :smiley: :+1:

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Due to a mail error (still on-going) I have been unable to utilize this free character transfer service. My entire guild has already left my server. I have had a ticket in for days to try to resolve this issue with no response. Now the free transfers are closed and I am stranded without my guild on Incendius. Please assist me.


“Several.” Cute.

Better late than never, I suppose. But to be clear, this is a bit late.

You stop destroying destination realms.

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That would be amazing. Definitely would solve a big problem I’m having right now.

When I first saw this thread my brain interpreted what I wanted to hear, which was that they were widening free transfers to the locked realms. I just want to play with a friend- either get me out of my realm or let my friend in, at this point I don’t even care which one it is!

Can you unlayer benediction, i just want to play classic wow not a fragment exploited multiverse

But what about the lower populated servers? How are they going to get players now? They’re dieing.

If its layered its already to late