Free for all PvP dailies

Remove this nonsense, please. Give us faction vs faction wpvp quests. These kinds of quests don’t promote any kind of quality gameplay, heavily favor ranged classes, and aren’t that fun.

I don’t not understand the desperate need by you guys at Blizzard to turn this game into one single faction.


I don’t mind it though some folks are kind of silly, when a crate drops inside and you have a gamer busy whacking anyone near him while the faction tries to get the crate :slight_smile:

I mean I generally don’t attack unless I am attacked and it’s more likely to happen there so it’s good practice.

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It’d be easier if they just didn’t drop crates in ffa zones.


Invite same-faction players to a party. Then they become friendly and you can gang up on the enemy together.
Just because a player shows as your enemy doesn’t mean you have to fight them (same faction that is).


I agree with you. You duke it out in the zone, then leave, and suddenly your friends again? Lol.

If anything, give us a censure toy from hot warmode vendor that makes hostile to both factions.

Ya the first time I experienced this I thought it was super troll lol. Like either an decent oversight over someone not thinking things through. Or just trolling PvPers.


To much thinking involved there. Player brains big hurt.

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I dont see anything but enemy healthbars…the other day someone had to scream at me to stop attacking them cause we were same faction…it can be fun. Me and my buddy got a laugh out of it…but yea, we shouldnt be able to attack same faction on the crates…not really sure how they would turn it off though…maybe a 100 yard bubble around the crate that shows faction…something like that.

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Just don’t have the crates there, they have a whole zone to relocate it to.


the crates are fun though…i love getting the notification at random and having to quickly make it there…possibly get into a big fight. It adds a great level of excitement and sort of forced pvp activity. Actually I would greatly encourage all zones in wow to have pvp activities…holding towers, charging up world bosses, fighting for resource drops…if every single zone in wow had several large scale pvp objectives the game would instantly become 10000% more interesting. I think the turning off of anything pvp related is never a good idea…

I actually got called out on it once. I didn’t realize that the guardian I was beating on was actually Alliance and spinning the crate for us, lol. That was the last time I went for a crate in a ffa zone.

Problem with faction vs faction WPvP quests is it’s reliant on your shard. War Modes biggest problem is sharding, you’ll either be placed in a shard with no enemy faction, a shard with mostly the enemy faction, and very rarely a shard that’s 50/50.

Imagine trying to get a faction vs faction quest done and you can’t because your shard has none of the enemy faction on it and there’s no groups in LFG. I believe that’s part of the reason they went in the direction of free for all so you can kill your own faction to get it done. It’s still PvP at the end of the day.

I love free for all areas and I wish we had a Sliver of N’Zoth like item that we could use anywhere. I’d be killing everybody.

I mean lorewise the Horde and Alliance are finally starting to see eye to eye and focus on peace. Heck, when Lor’themar and Thalyssra were getting married, they invited Alliance and other folks to their wedding, and it went great.

It’s healthier for the game anyway to allow players to play with each other instead of splitting the playerbase. Just allow me to become a pirate or something and be hostile to everyone.

They’re not suggesting removing crates as a whole, they’re suggesting to move the crates out of free for all areas. No one is against the crates, they’re a fun addition to War Mode, people just don’t want them dropping in an area where everyone is hostile to each other (regardless of whether or not you can just invite them to become friendly).

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Please provide supporting data for this claim. Provide data in how suddenly there are an increase in subscriptions and people turning on war mode because they can have one single gigantic faction.

I personally am so sick of this game delving into not only a single player game but one gigantic faction. One faction is not going to keep people interested in the game. Having free for all areas doesn’t promote fun PvP experiences.

I am not arguing against crates, I am talking about them dropping in FFA areas.

Ya I was sniping people from a ledge on my hunter, thinking the whole time “why haven’t the horde got the crate yet, there is no way I am keeping this raid group from getting it” before realizing I was killing both Horde and Alliance rofl.

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Ya very rarely am I on an even shard. This also has to do with people shard hoping and being able to invite others into their shard. Which idk if I am against but it creates this issue.

Lore wise the Horde and Alliance races have always worked together on stuff, or even belonged to groups like the Earthen Ring etc together. There have been instances of this forever honestly.

Allowing Cross Faction play is an instance of this. But an increase in subs can be all kinds of things. You can’t argue cross faction play is bad because of subs lol.

I mean single player aspects are good and add to the game, allows them to get more created and add challenging content.

I mean having one giant faction isn’t going to NOT keep people interested in the game either.

For you maybe. Not sure if there is any evidence that says it’s not fun for everyone, unless you can provide that.

I’m actually sick of people like you too. You don’t actually want PvP or wpvp. Pushing the game into one faction is not good for the game and is not going to bring people into the game. WoW is not Fortnite or any other crap game like it. Go play those games if you only want free for all.

War must last forever wahhh. I think it’s lame too but it also doesn’t make sense to be at war forever to me. Also, I’m down with all faction pvp. I want to pvp I don’t care who it’s against particularly. I’m a panda so if I could just be at war with both factions that’d be fine with me.

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Isn’t this obvious? Take mythic+ for instance. Back in Shadowlands, you had waves of Alliance going Horde for PvE because their LFG was just dead. Trying to find a group for a key was significantly harder for Alliance. Not even just PvE either, it was the same for PvP. It was hard to find groups for arenas.

Cross faction gets introduced and you finally start seeing a shift in factions and problems mentioned above start to fade away. Specifically patch 9.2.5 when it was introduced, we’ve seen representation of Alliance go up because players don’t feel forced to be on one faction because it’s “the PvP/PvE faction” or it’s the “endgame faction.”

Shadowlands Alliance had a War Mode bonus of 20-25%. I think 25% is the highest we’ve ever seen for War Mode. As I explained above, when cross faction play got introduced it was no longer mandatory to switch factions to do specific endgame content like rated PvP or M+. You could do them cross faction, so people could freely change factions without that as a worry.

Now in Dragonflight, Alliance WM bonus has dropped to 10% indicating more Alliance have either turned WM on or more Horde have switched to Alliance. (Though it’s definitely that more Horde have switched to Alliance; NE racial is also pretty strong lol)

I mean I want PvP/WPvP, I just don’t agree with you in your stance that free for all PvP is harmful for the game or something. I actually think it’s the opposite; free for all PvP is healthy for PvP.

I should let it be clear that I’m not saying the game should get rid of factions. For WPvP purposes, there has to be two factions and that’s fine. No one’s suggesting to get rid of that, but please don’t be suggesting to remove free for all PvP. Alot of us personally don’t care about faction lines, I want to kill BOTH FACTIONS, not just be limited to killing only Alliance.

I loved items like Sliver of N’Zoth and wish more items were introduced like that. I want to kill Horde and Alliance for whenever my shard isn’t filled with Alliance and only have Horde around. I don’t want to shard hop, I want to have people to kill.

No it is NOT obvious because there is NOT an increase in wpvp participation. One big faction is not what’s going to make WoW good again.

No, no you do not. You want a battle royal. Free for all favors ranged classes and miss me with you trying to say it doesn’t. Free for all as a melee is NOT fun even in the slightest. Getting killed by some single brain cell healer while trying to defend yourself against multiple melee and some jerk sitting in a tree sniping people is NOT fun. You may think you’re some god of wpvp but that doesn’t entice people to want to turn on wpvp and jump in.

I want some of what you’re drinking if you think that having 1 single faction and then the entirety of wpvp is a free for all is going to suddenly make people want to wpvp.