Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

incendius will be active again?

Incendius will be active again!

So nice my little man

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AWESOME… Wait…no. Almost NO horde from Mankrik are going to take transferrer to either of those servers. One of them is a completely dead server, the other is a dead horde server. Your trading us a turd for another turd.


I transferred my bootsie to Incendius as horde specifically because it has low horde population. I’m hoping they make a couple fresh servers soon though. I’d rather start fresh since I missed the release of the original classic wow (Played up to BC in vanilla) but I’ll play this one in Outland in the meantime. I hope there are mats on the AH so I can level my mining a little quicker but if not oh well.

Skerum still needs more Alliance. Guild - Forgotten Realm - Is taking any and all who wishes to take place in Scorched Azeroth (hardcore) mode. =D

I’d love to get off Mankrik if you’d give us non-dead server options.


Please do something with the pvp realms that are “empty”. The implementation of server transfer ended the Thalnos realm.

During peak hours, the Horde has only 50 people online. There are no players to do anything basically, the economy is hugely inflated, there is no diversity, there is no pvp, meeting someone from the other faction is a rare event.

Allow players to transfer to Thalnos or merge the server with some other realm. At the very least offer the option for players to go to another server without having to pay real money.


think this is the plan after the ones trying out the game leaves. hope they do this for you for better gamming the way you like it. everyone deserves to play they way they like to

*Blizz - How about offer some in-game perks like an XP boost for 72hrs to those who come alliance from those servers cough Skerum or maybe an honor gain boost or maybe some gold …something along those lines. Make it Lucrative. Would love to see more Alliance other than 25-30 at peak. =)

I left Mankrik and took all my alts with me.

I’ll give Windseeker a shot, if I can’t find a good guild to raid with there, then I guess I’ll come back when wotlk classic is released and see what’s left.

sooooo any help for stalaag?

Hopefully there will be a thoughtful and real fix to the 99/1 servers. Would be nice to have some balance … even if its 66/33…

I ran a ramparts today and already seen more horde than I had in a long time in one place on the server, I hope we can have some horde presence on the server I really hope you enjoy your stay.

For those on Mankrik horde who are tired of queues and fighting for quest mobs;
Windseeker is not bad. It’s not a ghost town. There are people pugging dungeons, doing quests, and not just in TBC content.
You can actually read the LFG channel, it’s not a nonstop scroll of boost spam.
There are guilds recruiting here.
I transferred my characters here and found dungeon groups that had people who knew how to play their characters and were polite.
I also found a decent guild the first day.

If you aren’t sure about it, just come on over.
The population isn’t too far off 50/50 horde/alliance right now, either.

I played pre patch on windseeker horde side. it did seem to have a better atmosphere than pagle ally side. played on for year and 1/2 on pagle. but windseeker felt more friendly just over the few days of play. If i was not waiting to see if they will ever start a fresh server. That would be my home for sure. A lot of nice friendly helpful people here

Hi, would you address the imbalance in Kirtonos? Alliance side is dead, Hellfire is just Hell for us. You go to any questing areas and it is swarming with Horde and you can´t quest at all, is not even fair.

I swear I haven´t seen more than 3 Alliance players at the same time, meanwhile Horde is outnumbering us like 10 to 1, if not more, this by my own account as rogue, that at least allows me to sneak a bit, but is still pretty much impossible to play decently, this is directly impacting the experience everyone has on the Alliance side.

Maybe just allow transfers to Kirtonos for the Alliance side? This server is pretty much dead, the only groups I have joined are guild runs because there is not enough people playing Alliance at this point. It is, according to some pages, 80% Horde and 20% Alliance, and not sure what percentage is actually playing.

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@ Kaivax

So I took a shot and tried to put together a weekend recruiting drive for Skerum, in which we did see a lot of movement. But as expected many just said “This server is trash” and either Xfered off (remaining natives) or just left for good. We all pay a subscription fee, and while you do have a paid Xfer service, I should not have to buy a transfer when the server is Blizzards property and should maintain it. We have seen all the hate towards talking about this, but a merge with Incendious is the only reasonable option. Or, I can follow suit and just leave the game entirely. Very sad, I love this game and its been a big part of life, Ive made a ton of friends and memories. Sad to see it die on a whimper.


Thanks to everyone who silently took part in the Weekend Recruiting stream event.


If you closed servers when they became full this wouldn’t be an issue.

Why won’t you learn, Blizzard?

Us Heartseeker Horde had to do the same