Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

We don’t need more people on windseeker bruh. Our server feels perfectly fine

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Oh yes, because that would not cause more problems. Every time this has been tried in the past, these forums explode with people complaining because their guildmates, friends, or family cannot play with them on the same server because it is locked. Or complaints about population issues that cannot be solved because the server is locked.

Another terrible armchair warrior solution that was not thought out thoroughly before speaking.

Blizzard has learned, this is why they DO NOT lock servers anymore, or they would get tons of complaints.

What is not good, Is we on Skerum alliance keep losing 65+ players to Xfers. We cant even keep who we have, Even though we are getting more freshies and Boosts.

Please continue with Free Xfers off Faerlina and/or merge us with Incendius. Or Offer rep bonuses /XP for the 1%. S.O.S. hah

Is there anything being done for really low pop realms? Thalnos currently has 30 ish players on the alliance side. Can we get some realm mergers or something. How are we supposed to play the game when the whole server would have to magically have off work/life at the same time just to raid.

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Can we please limit this to only Alliance? We have 99% Horde… also can we make free transfers for Horde off the server to a high alliance server? So frustrated by the faction imbalance on Skeram. It’s a PVP server, not a PVE server but it feels like it


Been working hard to recruit from Faerlina and other servers.


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Good luck. When faction is dominating, it’s difficult to get them to change it up. Few players are looking for a challenge these days.

Manrik is at about 80% horde. It’s a slaughter!!

Can we get a fresh or a low populated server wiped no transfers (after you merge char of course)
to fix all these unbalanced servers ? to fix the tanking problems? to fix the leveling gaps this launch has caused???

I love the challenge of Skerum’s 99:1 odds…

And it is not even really that bad, ganking wise. Just from my pov.

it’s PvE …

Your point?

I’m surprised to not see Pagle on this list. We have like, three Horde players left.

I guess if you decide to flag, sure, i guess…

Update June 11 5:00 p.m. PDT

In this region, all Free Character Transfers will be closed at 11:00 a.m. PDT (2:00 p.m. EDT) on Tuesday, June 15.

If you’ve been planning to make use of the Free Character Transfer service, please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Can you make it so my shaman on my other account can be transferred to the other account? Since you pretty much made multi-boxing worthless I’m not paying you for a second account. Least you could do is let me transfer characters to my own account like on retail.

Well thunderfury went from relatively balanced to 10 horde to every alliance thanks to these transfers. Was a nice server for a while. Thanks Blizz!

Skerum | 99:1 - Horde - Faerlina > Skerum is Free!

Hail friends! Forgotten Realm is recruiting new members for TBC on Skerum! We have a great group of experienced players looking for Tanks and a variety of DPS and some more healers! We have lots of Raid and BG experience and plan to do it all! Help out with the war effort against the large numbers of horde! This task is not for the weak and Xfers from Faerlina to Skerum are FREE! Interested parties can contact myself at Retnoobution#7876! We hope you consider the experience! Come see for yourself about all the hype! As always, Thank you for your interest, For the Alliance!

Tune in @ for mostly* daily streams of Skerum 6:45EST

We would love to have you join the ranks!

I need a Free Transfer for my Blood Elf’s hair color. How do we get that going?


PLEASE help Skerum, I have been working overtime trying to recruit off Faerlina and other realms, We keep getting people … and then they leave… This is so sad. It sucks every time I see the new friends I have made leave because the server just sucks. Completely unacceptable. In the real world you guys would be fired for your performance and lack of duty. Just saying.

Do your job. #MergeSkerumIncendiousItsThatEasy