Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

I don’t like asking for a blue response, but this should have been in the OP anyway.

I’m not moving any toons unless I can bring alts as well. Why would I want to split up my toons?

*As for the second part, Khedivh, when I checked it out, my boosted character was in the drop down menu as an option, so looks like you can transfer them.

Cant transfer Boosted characters if it was made within the last 72 hours. I attempted this from a boost made yesterday and you get the message you can’t transfer the boosted.

Ah, well that’s dumb. That shouldn’t matter. Maybe a bug?

I boosted mine right after prepatch started.

The normal wow restriction is 72 hours after boosting a character and its happening here… I would like to believe they overlooked this and will fix it since 99% of people boosted a toon for this expansion to play that boosted toon on launch…

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Yes, so long as they aren’t restricted by something else like mail or auctions or being a guild leader.

Another restriction that sometimes hinders a free character move is having the maximum number of allowed characters on the destination realm. That’s fairly rare.


WOW a blue post lol hi Kaivax


Pretty tough there in the basement eh? FYI no horde, me included is going to transfer to Westfall or Windseeker either, so grow up.

is not being able to transfer a boosted character before 72 hours a bug? Most of us were planning on playing our boosted character on launch

Please, please, please let people transfer or roll horde on Incendius. :crossed_fingers:

I transferred my first two characters, then when I got to my boosted character it said it was too soon after being boosted to transfer. I really hope that I’ll be able to transfer that one soon so it’s not stranded. I bought the boost to help fund my other characters which are now transferred :\

Mankrik was not prepared. I made the smart choice of using the bathroom while on the character screen…I’ll log on tomorrow.

What about death realm like thalnos, loatheb??


My man, let me know when free character faction changes hit… till then I’m off to level a Draenei.

You tell me, you’re the rat here in the forums.

I actually just transferred there (as ally) :joy: The no horde was a selling point because I have wpvp

Wait. You guys actually think people will transfer off Faerlina and abandon their amazing streamer friend that they watch every day and worship? Good luck.

Correct…already paid $25 to move one toon off Incedius. I shouldn’t have to shell out another $50 to move my other toons

Thank you you you so much on incendious i was finally able to get a group together for a dungeon, first time in 4 months, it felt great!

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Start with Mankrik. Kthx