Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

You can reroll :slight_smile:

I’m not actually an advocate of boosts, tbh, but I do understand the desire to want to play with friends, and afaik they did remove the PVE to PVP restrictions sometime during TBC, originally, so maybe there’s hope!


stop letting them fill up way beyond their limitations

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LOL sorry just hit me as funny

I xferred my horde off westfall already. There might be 100 horde left on that dead server. Now they want me to go back? No way.

Fix yo stuff bliz

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Transfer to Westfall people! It’s a good community, but light on numbers. The horde side is far from dead even now.

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Or they could just make the servers work properly…

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i appreciate the offer honestly but i like faerlina and wont be leaving, it feels like home to my char now. for other people who might not have made friends it might be a good new start for you guys. you should research the server before you select one to make sure it’s not a completely dead one though

LMAO why would anyone want to transfer to Skeram or Incendius? They have the WORST population imbalance. What you SHOULD do is merge Skeram and Incendius so they’d be more balanced.

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can you offer transfers to real servers from faerlina? i will take it then lol thanks. i am on a 90 day cooldown for transfers or i would just buy one

Friends and I learned our lesson the hard way during Classic.

Don’t transfer off populated servers just so you can play now. Those servers are just going to die 6 months down the road. Just deal with the lag and being unable to play for a few days.

Friends and I took the freebies from Whitemane to Arcanite Reaper. That server was dead as hell and we had to leave before BWL came out.

Just deal with it for a few days, it’ll improve, and you’ll be happier down the road

Yeah I’d transfer my ally to netherwind. No skeram or incendius lmao

No reset on PCT with this release. I have my main toon stuck on Faerlina… Wouldn’t have went there at the end of vanilla if I’d known TBC was about to arrive out of nowhere. Blizzard screwed a lot of players over with the way they released this content. Luckily I can bring my main back in 7 days, but what an oversight. 90 day cooldown on PCT with 1 month announce on TBC expansion and people returning to game. Can’t go play with friends.

I dunno. About a month ago I logged my old toon back in and the AH was skimpy at best. Org was a ghost town.

Decent intentions, I just don’t see many people making the leap. Will be curious to see who would.

So I’m currently on Mankrik with the options for Westfall or Windseeker. Anyone on those realms (Horde) that can say if they are good or not?

Also, how is this launch so bad? LOL

I’m on Whitemane, should I transfer? I think I would prefer a newer server

Can we transfer multiple characters?

Free Server Transfer… but you can’t transfer a boosted character on launch day after selling each version of TBC for those who paid with a character to boost to play on day 1 of TBC release… Is this overlooked or intentional?

Free Transfer to Loatheb from Faerlina please

Can we transfer multiple characters without a fee? Also, is it possible to transfer a boosted character?