Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

Yeah i feel like people learned that lesson.

Don’t see a way to do this except the option that says $25 still…

EDIT: Now the free option is there but moving a Horde from Mankrik to Windseeker says, “error, not available for this characters faction”. FFS!

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WOW way to be late on this, my guild was the final alliance guild on skeram and we just all transferred off a couple weeks ago.

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There needs to be a better option for us few alliance still on skerum instead of ‘bUy A sEvEr TrAnSfEr’ …how about no?

Absolutely 0 alliance will come to Skerum thus there is still a problem.


Inb4 this just results in more paid xfers. You guys are really bad at managing populations.

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Send Alliance to Fairbanks, way too many horde.

God I hope some Horde go to incendius finally. My alliance toons are so bored there with no Horde to slay in the world.

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I highly doubt any horde will transfer to incendius or any alliance will transfer to skeram
why would anyone transfer to a server when their faction is less than 10% of the population

unless they like getting camped constantly

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For what it is worth horde side Westfall is a good community. From what I have seen. I have a couple characters there. Would be nice to bump up our numbers some. People seem helpful and friendly.

Alliance side has a lot of people though. Hopefully they don’t over do it with a horde influx and starting causing a que that way. That would defeat the purpose.

Def could use more horde players though make a low level and chat a little idk. Yes it is a lower pop horde side but might be a good fit for you depends what you are after.

Why isn’t Incendius Horde only transfers? The realm is at 97 % A to 3 % H

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I just left Skeram as ally… I should’ve gotten it for free.

There were maybe 10-20 TOTAL Ally on the server. 30 total auctions. No raids. no Dungeons. Nothing. This should not be allowed to happen.


Lmao they wait until DAY OF RELEASE? Stalagg has been a 100% horde server for over a year. Would be great to join friends on servers they paid to transfer to months ago. My hype for TBC is close to 0 with how terrible faction populations have been handled.


If they had done this at launch and for several months after then the servers would have healthy balances.

As usual just like with the spell batching change they’re literally a year late.

How long will it take to get rid of the god awful leeway mechanic?

Westfall is bad, nothing good here. Move along.

1 hour to go and 15 logged into Skerum 1-60

Whitemane is currently at 10 layers. This will probably increase when portal opens. Yikes!

Why would you wait this long to do this? This should have been an option 2 weeks ago.

If any horde guilds on Windseeker or Wesfall need a feral hybrid add me on btag firehockey91#1481

hmm is there anywhere we can see the active server pop and alli/horde pop to help make a choice, no one wants to go to a dead server or server where they are the only member of the opposing faction.

If anyone is tempted to do a transfer to Incendius know that when prepatch dropped day 1 primetime there weren’t enough horde 60s online to even do a TBC sized raid.

Don’t make a mistake going there. It’s my homeland, 3 Horde 60s on it and everything, do NOT go there. You’ll either quit or pay money to flee back to another server.