Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

Where is the option to transfer the toons? I dont see it in the app


Ironically, I rerolled Alliance on Whitemane for TBC :blush:

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Maybe to encourage faction balance diversity to give players the freedom to select to play on a server with their preferred faction balance, esp if faction balance is something they care about.

Oh, this will end well.

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They’re PvE servers at least so it’s not nearly as stupid as moving to Skeram.

Nothing then

Did they break some of the transfer rules with the pre-patch? I literally just did this within the last 5 days and it worked:

“You cannot transfer a character to a PvP realm where you already have a character of the opposite faction.”


Eh, moving to the dead side of a server even on pve is pretty bad, no groups to do content.

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why wont you allow PVE TO PVP server Xfers… they were enabled in TBC… I want to get off Mankrik and go play with my Friends who started up when TBC came out on Herod (PVP)

Seems like a reasonable use case for a boost.

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I’ll stay on mankirk :clown_face:

The way this USUALLY works is that people leaving are going to regret there move and transfer back when the queues drop and the other people who moved stopped playing. Always a fun time to watch the transfers and results that follow


Not making it horde xfer only is a dumb mistake.


That’s how it happened at the start of classic. People fled the queue and got stuck on dead servers.

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Hopefully it’s mostly horde.

I was wanting to leave this 90% ally server but I’m honestly starting to see more horde already, if a lot come over from Faer this might be a decent server again

I can’t find it either. Mankrik - Windseeker, Horde, Started playing with some irl friends on windseeker and abandoned mankrik a while back.

Well we already left skeram lol. Finished classic and there’s nothing left to prove on skeram, so we moved to earthfury. More world PvP and an AH we can use for tbc professions.

I think there’s two alliance left on skeram, flixter and pipi who are ganking horde in badlands right now lol.

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If they did this from the start, faction balance might be a bit less absurdly bad on some servers.

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You cant boost pally