Free Character transfer question


Will I be able to do this more than one? If I’ve already created an alt will I be able to move it as well by repeating the process of trying to log into the server?


As many as you have on qualifying Classic servers to the designated ones.



Indeed. Keep in mind you can only have 10 characters on any one realm, so if the transfer will exceed that limit you won’t be able to transfer it until you make room. Also, if it is a PvP realm, you’ll only be able to have a single faction on that realm.

(Mygrains) #4

I’m not seeing a way to transfer a character to a different realm for free, I don’t believe I’ve transferred any before and I’m lost on how to get a free transfer.


You’d need to be on one of the high population Classic realms that is listed in the post, Mygrains.

Deviate Delight is a destination, not a source realm. Sorry.

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I see! Thanks for the fast reply, I really do appreciate your time. Solved the confusion ^-^


Am I able to transfer from a east coast (Sulfuras) to a west coast (Arcanite Reaper) or am I stuck with staying in east coast?

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If I recall, your destination server is pre-selected.


The destination realms tend to be similar to the source realms, so PvP to PvP, Pve to PvE etc… I believe that extends to East and West coast, as the intention is to allow you to log in without an extensive queue, not specifically to change anything fundamental with your realm selection.


gotcha, I was forced to go to a east coast server on launch day as the west coast servers has a 6+ hour queue. thank you for the information.


I understand that the server destinations are pre-determined. Is there any chance to transfer from a source server to a different server? I have a mage on Rattlegore that i would like to transfer to Ashkandi to join a friend. Are their any exceptions made? Will there be more transfers down the road?

Thanks for your time!

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Unfortuanately its set in stone atm and wont change at this time.

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I don’t think they have made a decision yet about offering paid character transfers. If it happens, it will likely be in a later stage of the Classic release schedule.