Free Character Moves Extension Request Thread


Yes please, wasn’t aware of the end date. Paid or extension, it doesn’t matter.


I support this.


How did you guys screw yourselves


The issue with those caught in the cold on the transfers is simple, some people don’t have personal lives that are conducive to trying to log in between the hours of 4am to 4pm. Herod had queues starting around 3pm most days and you can’t transfer characters with mail in the box, so, it was wait out the queue, quit work, not feed your kids, walk your dogs, whatever, to be able to get in in time to do the move mail, sell, get ready to transfer. Sat the 14th, there were 2+hour queues starting at 10am, and those exceeded 5 hours all day after. Sunday, queues started around 11am. I was lucky I got my transfer done. Many who couldn’t juggle their IRL schedules to allow for WOW were not so fortunate.
Blizzard, don’t tarnish the experience by forcing your customers who have been so excited for this by splitting communities.


Still no reply? With the number of posts and threads popping up, this should be something that is seriously considered.


September 11 to 16.

I really don’t think 6 days was enough to gather information on the new server you’re moving to, discussing it with friends/guilds, having them agree to it, and then starting the logistics of transferring.

Not to mention that Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday were workdays with half of the time to work things out, seriously?


All I want is guidance from Blizzard on what they intend to do. If transfers are done, I won’t bother continue trying. If they are coming (paid or free) I’ll suffer through a few weeks of not being able to login at night. Either way just communicate with us what to expect, all we are asking for.


Another possibility is that they might have to delay free transfers while they finish investigating the exploiters and where all their stuff went.

They probably don’t want destination realms’ economies to get messed up because players transferred there with ill-gotten gold/items/mats.


Very possible, would just be nice if they’d communicate this or what their transfer plans are so people can plan.


I tried to tell my friends that this would happen and they chose to stay because it was a “full” server. Yeah, Full of horde while we were alliance and the imbalance was getting worse every day.


No, no there was an end date with a time for quite awhile.


I would send mine in a heartbeat with a paid transfer. I would be so happy.


yes please extend the chance to move relms. skeram is over populated and a few of our guild mates missed the chance to move and are now stuck here while the others have already moved to earthfury


Please allow ANY high pop server to ANY lower pop server to entice more people to move.


Yeah, I would be willing to pay if necessary as well.


Just adding my request. My friend group decided to move on saturday and I wasn’t able to log on and clear my mailbox until monday after the transfers closed. Most search results don’t show that 1 blue post that has the end date, it shows all the “one day only” posts. One other friend wasn’t able to transfer in time as well. Skeram still has hour long queues during the week.


I’ve got a group of 5 that decided a day too late that we really needed to move from Stalagg. Please reopen.


Well, they technically are free transfers… from all PvP realms in NA…


I am really hoping there will be a response to this thread, the multiple customer service discussions, and the players who are unable to play with friends right now.

Please respond!


Oh look…