Free Character Moves Extension Request Thread


That’s not going to happen, lol. I could say with 100% certainty that even a full month of transfer availability isn’t going to cause these servers to hit full capacity. What it will do, however, is actually get some people to take the transfers instead of being afraid of making that jump with such a short window.

Also there is no “filling up” of the realms. Go look at Faerlina and Herod etc. that have population figures of 80k+. Pretty sure Faerlina is over 100k. You could still have the transfers going, there is no hard ceiling, it would just cause the current low-medium pops to start having queues as well, but those queues would be pretty tame most likely and the end result is the queues on the megaservers get smaller.

It would be better to have every realm be as even as possible. If they all manage to hit full status, it means the queues overall are going to be massively reduced to playable levels for just about everyone.


“Announced cutoff”, they did a really really poor job of announcing considering the amount of people that had zero idea there was an end date for these transfers at all.


Now if we can just get a blue post on this!


Full capacity for phase 2 when layering has been removed?

Anything hitting Medium already has more players than full realms back in Vanilla.


Yeah, no. There was a definite timeline and they gave everybody a week or more to make a decision. Blizzard does some things I do not agree with but this was not one of them.


Well, it was in the free transfer announcement thread…


All’s I’m saying is that if you paid the most minimal amount of attention, you would have known about it. I didn’t actively search for articles, but I have an Android, and had articles pushed to my notifications about it.

I’m clearly barking up the wrong tree here, though.


I am a little puzzled by this post. Didn’t blizz already say that a LOW/medium POP server now is like 4x the population of vanilla server? and a full server is like 10x the population


Well who is hurt by them re-opening it? The people who want to move will move. The people who dont wont. The people on sleram/herod will not notice the players gone exept for queue tkmes will go down, and earthfury will be more populated. Seems like a win-win.


They’ll probably open free transfers again this weekend.

As long as there are really imbalanced realm populations, I don’t see why they’d completely discontinue doing them. They’re probably doing them in limited periods of time so they can fine-tune the transfers and the destination realms don’t get too full.


What makes you think this? Just curious


Haven’t they been offering free transfers every weekend?

Just continuing their pattern/schedule. (As long as there are still significant realm population imbalances.)


Noooo ! No more on Heartseeker.

Oh, alright. Server is already ruined.

Hope they open some more soon.


They haven’t closed the free server transfers that they started from skeram / herod a few weeks ago until now, I don’t know where the misinformation for weekend only transfers came about.


These overcrowded servers feel like a busy hot tub at a montreal stripclub.


I guess we’ll see what happens this weekend?


Let’s hope…


They opened up the transfers 6 days ago right? Everyone keeps saying weeks, but the transfers were only available the 11th to the 16th right?


They need to contol the faction ratio during moves. Horde Dominated PvP servers are forcing Alliance to leave the horde dominated servers making the imbalance even worse.



It is my fault. I should have paid attention. I should have read the post fully instead of just the part I was interested in. There is no excuse I can give to why I missed it. You did a fine job, I did not.

I am asking for the company as a whole to do a solid move, and open it back up; even if it is just for one predetermined day in a few weeks, just to let those like me who screwed up redeem a bad decision to not pay attention.

Please blue, we have friends stuck in the wrong places, and we want to have this adventure together.

Thanks for considering it.