Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

If you allow transfers and folks transfer then the server would be healthy. Don’t know why folks can’t see this simple logic. There are thousands of folks who will transfer over to the selected realms because they don’t want to spend hours in queque anymore. The posts following yours prove that, even thought they are upset about it.

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I am an Earthfury OG. I did not xfer. I chose a MEDIUM pop to not have to deal with the AIDS Incedious is bringing with them.

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Earthfury has been complete borked by this. We’ve already doubled the raiding population, if not more. And they brought drama and toxic behavior with them. We had a nice server here.


No one on whitemane is moving, give us netherwind and smolderweb as options maybe some people will go.

Earthfury got a lot of xfers in the past few days, it’s now a high pop server. Ironforge numbers aren’t updated yet.

so anyone want to take a guess if more realms will be added to that list?

Rip earthfury you will be missed. Subs up in a few days thankfully.

Perhaps you would care to address servers such as Stalagg or Heartseeker that are severely faction imbalanced? What is Blizzards expectation and plan for these realms? Currently the perception among many is they feel abandoned while Activision lines its pockets with paid character transfers. If enough servers had been released at launch, all these server transfers would not have been necessary in the first place. The player base has been paying for it ever since, both in terms of their game experience and with their wallets when they have to paid character transfer in order to experience the game properly. Entire guilds have flocked to Incendius because it was a balanced server and now it’s player base is suffering with long queue times. As a Horde guild on Stalagg we are considering resorting to stockpiling the AQ War Effort Materials for Alliance as well as our own, which is frankly ridiculous. Our current options are that, or paid character transfer (losing valued guild members and breaking up our community in the process) or just quitting the game. The prospect of the current status quo continuing is not interesting at all. We would greatly appreciate a response from Blizzard on this matter. Thank you.


Yea, I’m puzzled as to why whitemane, the highest pop server of the three… only received three fairly mediocre low pop options, whereas faerlina and incendius were given four servers to choose from with two fairly decent medium-high pop servers among them.

it’s ultimately a culture fit issue as much as anything else - the type of player drawn to the server culture of a large, competitive full server is unlikely to enjoy the server culture of a more laid back low pop realm. So they won’t transfer, whereas if a bustling medium-high pop was an option, they might have.

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I have seen one alliance member in the last like 4 weeks…
Please do SOMETHING…

Well thanks for wrecking Earthfury…We already had vanilla like full population. We didn’t want anymore people. Yall suck.


Hopefully they already closed Earthfury by now. I was one of those players that wanted to wait to start playing I spent months looking at server pops and balance. Wanted to be on a normal sized server without any of those stupid streamers on it. ( they ruined to many servers already) And I wanted one that you feel fine still playing horde as EF is (probably was) alliance favored. I literally started on 3/30 it was medium now 11 days later it is now a high population server. There goes any shot at hitting a minimum of rank 3 before I hit 40 to save on my mount. In my first week I hit rank 2. I bet by reset if I’m lucky I will be rank 1 even though I have run more bgs and gained more honor since rank reset.
Also since transfers opened the AH has tanked as of posting I am lvl 21 and I was actually able to make decent gold for my level I have managed to build it up in to double digits by farming mats as I level. But in the last two day everything has been so under cut what use to make me a gold now sells for 50 silver but if I were to even look at some gear prices have gone up significantly.
The only gold related good thing since adding EF to the transfer list is you can get easy gold of everyone paying for guild sigs.
Not saying that this isn’t a solution I’m just hoping I didn’t pick the wrong server to start on. Will account from EF get free transfers off if EF starts to get ques? Or at bear minimum can the be EF native preferential on to the ques. As in all toon made on EF get to log is first for we chose to be on a medium server and all the pros and cons that size brings with it. Why should we be forced into the cons of a large server now?

(Also blizz if you read this please fix my chapter photo so it actually shows my avatar and updates my level instead of spinning in circle every time I try)

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You guys had the opportunity to make faction specific transfers to solve 2 birds in 1 stone.

Alliance xfers to Stalagg/Herod, and Horder xfers to Heartseeker.

You need to think more than population. Unless you offer Horde to be able to hand in Alliance’s AQ War Effort and vice versa, you’re going to have completely dead servers with everyone xferring off of them.

I mean, I guess yay more paid xfers, but come the zug on.

Thanks for ruining Earthfury with all the horde transfers… our ratio was perfect before this

Thanks for killing Incendius server, literally almost all horde are gone…

Dropped the ball real hard with this one. Way to just kill a bunch of servers that have been fine since launch.

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Also ruined Earthfury at the same time every toxic horde guild left, came there, immediately too and 10% percent majority alliance server into a 65% horde server, ruined the economy and now we have a bunch of toxic juveniles who were not wanted.

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When will there be free transfers off Incedious aka Earthfury? This is starting to look like Canada

I’ve updated the OP here.

UPADATED APRIL 10 – 9:15 a.m. PDT

At 10:00 a.m. PDT today, we will disable Free Character Moves for Horde characters from the Incendius realm. Free Character Moves from Incendius will remain available to Alliance characters. We will also disable Paid Character Transfers to Incendius, Faerlina, and Whitemane at the same time.


MY char was unable to xfer because hes waiting on mail from High Executor Derrington. Any way to still get a free xfer when I get the mail?