Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

What about stalagg?


I will no longer play this game if paid transfers are not available to my realm. See ya.

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The damage is done, but this is the policy you need to use going forward to prevent this from happening again.


Bye then a level 10 isn’t exactly productive anyways

Right. Believe that. See ya.

I quit. This is unbelievable, and unacceptable. I won’t be back, and I won’t be playing any more Blizzard games.

Would be great to get free xfers off Earthfury now


this is shady af, straight up forcing my guild mattes that havent transfer yet to buy a transfer dont be so greedy pls

Punishing the remaining horde players left on Incendius…
Punishing the horde that took the free transfers…

And people don’t think blizzard favors the alliance?

Great solid business move there Blizzard, quality A+ work. I think y’all can go home now.

As you guys didn’t think of the natives of your new server. Many of is wanted a medium server now we have a high pop server with risk of a que around the corner if there smart they won’t let them pay to come to any of the impacted servers. instead you should join your server and fill the wholes in your roster with natives to that server

Transfers available to full servers was the reason for this whole mess. See ya.


Seems you got your wish :slight_smile:

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Finally a move in the right direction. I just fear it’s too little, too late for whitemane.


Whitemane should have been closed weeks ago!


Please disable the transfers to Sulfuras! We are getting all of their refugees and its turning our server into another with issues. Before its too late you need to do something about people transferring in. We already have queues building towards the same rate as all of these servers.


Wait, there’s been paid transfers? Holy crap no wonder my Queue times keep getting worse. I’ve been on Whitemane since hour one, and I dealt with the consecutive days of long load times, my wife has to start me logging in every night just so I can play when I get home from work because of the queue times. Essential workers get screwed even harder than the rest of you if we dont have someone to get us in queue.

You know you can login from an iPhone, right?

Please block Sulfuras from incoming transfers!


As someone who has been on Whitemane since launch – this should have been done months ago.

Thanks but it may be too late unfortunately.


Thank you for ruining a well balanced, relaxed server. Y’all just keep finding ways to sabotage Classic, somehow believing that people will just give up and play your dumpster fire retail game.

I’m officially not purchasing any new content from y’all again.