Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

I’m really not sure if people are trolls or just that misinformed of the issues of a “dead server.” In the interest of the few that might actually be misinformed let me give you the reasons why it’s endgame suicide to go there:

  1. The server has a very sparse or in worst cases a non-existent player base capable of and interested in the raiding scene. This means you can’t recruit to cover your inevitable turnover (and lets face it, not everyone will transfer with you anyway so you’re already in the hole from the get-go).

  2. Classic still has the AQ gates to consider. If you’re on a minimally populated server these gates become a real bear to get open. They may never open on some servers.

  3. Crafting/Crafters/Enchants from raid bosses become extremely difficult to find and when someone does eventually get it they gouge the hell out of the market.

  4. Forming PuG’s for ANYTHING at ANY LEVEL becomes an absolute chore. Healthy servers with people grinding up alts/PuG’ing these joke easy raids/etc. are the lifeblood of the game. Let’s be real, the PvP is an imbalanced joke at best and more realistically a cancer so what else is there to do in the game?

Now, obviously, there’s the vast majority of people that enjoy the game when all the above I listed actually work and happen. What Blizzard has done that is an abject failure is NOT LOCKING FULL REALMS!!! If a realm is FULL, THEN DAMMIT IT’S FULL! LOCK THAT ISH! There is no reason Whitemane, Incendious, or Faerlina should have been allowed to grow as large as they have. That’s on Blizzard for not maintaining the health and balance of the server structure. There’s no but’s to this.

Hence why when we see the dead realms being offered as an option to transfer to (and this is posed as a fix, laughably), there will be no significant departure because the problems you encounter are similarly bad to the queue boss, if not worse, especially for those in it for the long haul to get through Naxx.

Many people just lost their jobs. $25 to transfer a character isn’t in their cards right now. Blizzard, however, can merge these 3 crappy servers together and THEN create an actual enjoyable destination to transfer off to as well as open up similar ~5k player population servers and ACTUALLY FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM!!


When my server makes that list I’ll be taking the option. Sure I wanted a busy server when I picked the one I did, didn’t really know what I was signing up for.

The brackets are in orbit, resources are scarce across the map, and the AH prices on most goods and consumables are overpriced but abundant in quantity.

Not to mention, horde here will be dead in a few months after grizzly finishes wiping us off the map and won’t release our tanks out or captivity (lol)

Amazing that they still cannot grasp that faction restricted transfers are what is needed.


Wow it’s nothing

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Again, you folks are asking for solutions that are different from each other, but YOU feel is THE perfect solution.

The paid transfers have happened. While I support the comments that it should have been cut off, that didn’t happen.

Also, the SAME reasons that you said that you should not transfer off of the ‘crowded’ Realms are some of the SAME reasons folks transferred to the ‘crowded’ Realms, which caused the severe overcrowding.

Blizzard has never in it’s history( I know folks will happily correct me if I’m wrong) merged servers. So, for you to include that as YOUR perfect solution is not a solution at all.

Also, you folks need to stop making this 100% Blizzards fault. I’ve read in this very post about how folks will not go to servers where they aren’t the majority, BUT make it like the other faction hates PVP. The truth is if you are on a majority faction server and love it there, you kinda hate PVP as well, but hide behind ‘PVP happened’ when the opposite faction complains and leaves your server.

There are lots of reasons the servers exist as they are. Things that Blizzard did and things that the player base did. You want to freedom to do whatever you want as players with absolutely NO consequences, but when your actions create problems you place the entirety of the blame on Blizzard.

NOTICE! I placed blame on BOTH parties and the players STILL will feel they have NO obligation to police each other or share any responsibility.

The community has had several posts listing faction populations, but folks will use that info to blame Blizzard instead of making dozens and dozens of posts organizing amongst themselves to go where there is faction imbalance and even it out with these free transfers.

Make dozens and dozens of posts organizing instead of just attacking Blizzard with 100 different ‘perfect’ solutions.

Guilds can be influential in working together to go to the other servers and help even out the factions and relieve the over populated servers.

The same ‘friends’ you love spending time with and that you collectively decided to go to the ‘BEST’ severs can now collectively make a decision to go to the other servers. IF folks do this with a modicum of organization and a SINCERE desire to prevent overcrowding and faction imbalance, this could be done with the free transfers.


I don’t get why you’re mad. You paid for a transfer to a high pop realm, and you want your money back? Why? That’s like someone moving to Silicon Valley and complaining that they shouldn’t need to pay UHAUL.

Any Windseeker resident here?

Hows is you guys realm for someone starting from 0?

Not only did it not happen, you can still pay to transfer to these servers with 3000 person queues and free transfers off said server. There’s just no excuse for that.

anyone who is on one of these overpopulated servers and has realm transfer cooldown should be flagged for relocation (mandatory). if you picked to transfer to a full server you (and blizzard for allowing it) are the problem. if you have a paid xfer CD you can migrate to one of the options available for free and your money from paid xfer to an overpopulated realm is refunded.

this is a fair option to deal with some of this mess but it wont happen because blizz will lose money and have to admit their decisions are based off greed.

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I would like to kindly ask, is this the “fix” you all were talking about? Or is there anything else you all are planning to do? I know many people that would not like to have to up root from their server. it causes a lot of issues with server balance and economy. So please I beg you let us know if this is the “fix”.

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Sorry, no it is not a player created problem. If Blizz had managed character transfers better, this would not be nearly as bad. Why did Blizz allow character transfers to already full realms? This was already impacting some servers before the epidemic. Blizzards greed (paid realm transfers) and lack of proactive realm size and faction balance management have brought us here.
Blizzard has the ability to see real numbers , realm size, faction balance, etc… Blizzard had to know what the results of unmanaged realm transfers would be and did it anyway. This decision to prioritize corporate profit over player/customer satisfaction was what brought us here. The results of their actions were completely predictable . Surprise…folks from low pop servers moved to high pop servers. The corona-virus epidemic just made it worse sooner.

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Places like Anathema and Smolderweb aren’t dead servers. You obviously didn’t play Vanilla or play on a server of our sizes before throwing around such a claim. Anathema has 26 active guilds that all clear content. It’s a tight community, where we know almost everyone. We pop into each other’s discords all the time. There are guild rivalries and world pvp is constant.

We’re not dead, but we don’t want you either. Our server in Vanilla would have been a medium/high population server. The economy is sustainable, people can farm, and the social aspect of the game is awesome.

TL:DR - Go somewhere else.

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Please listen to this hero… We need better options for Whitemane, at leats Netherwind.

How does this help? No one is going to transfer to your select servers, give us any server option or nothing wtf is the point of this nonsense!?

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What garbage. We didn’t decide to go to the “best servers”. We chose to go to one of a very small handful of servers when we were given the option.

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If you were to READ some of the other responses you would KNOW I was commenting on what was already said by some folks NOT what I THOUGHT was going on. So it is FACTS that some choose those servers due to the healthy population, thus BEST servers. Learn to freakin READ

You didn’t really make that clear in your eye-crit wall of text. You were replying to Tri’s post so naturally I thought it was part of your rebuttal to his post alone. Learn to make your intended targets clear.

You call my post garbage by NOT understanding the context and want to blame me? Sit down somewhere dude. I don’t need to make anything clear to you. You need to READ before responding negatively.

What a JOKE. You opened transfers to Earthfury. Earthfury had more than 4,000 people on the server. Now Org is a lag disaster. Our AH and economy are completely upside down. You are PUNISHING people by allowing thousands to transfer to established servers. We are paying for this game. Make new servers. Get it right. Let’s freaking go

Earthfury is beyond hosed right now. ORG is literary crashing (currently 8pm 4/9/20), the AH has double in most circumstance, and scarce resources have been totally obliterated by vindictive nonsense in world pvp. I went to a MEDIUM pop server to not have to deal with this crap. Blizzard you screwed the pooch sooooo bad on this.