Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

this is the most ridiculous crap they could’ve pulled. they needed time to “test” something to help and then this is what you guys get? and ofc they’ll lock servers before your entire guild gets transferred. so that’s cool. :expressionless:


The consequences of people transfering to full realms aren’t limited to the player choosing to roll there. Players that have been there since day 1 and have formed communities and friendships are having to face players quitting because they can’t play, and they aren’t eager to abandon the communities (that were one of the main reasons I and many of my guildies play classic).

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Don’t forget the fact that it appears if any of your guild mates are still under the 90 day xfer cooldown, they can’t take the free transfer. That alone makes this a nonstarter for us.

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they should allow the people with the cd to still transfer. they shouldn’t get to ruin entire guilds because of incompetence.

You’re literally posting on a blue thread.



The Free Character Move service bypasses the 90-day cooldown. Additionally, using a Free Character Move never incurs a 90-day cooldown.

The 90-day cooldown only pertains to Paid Character Transfers.


So then deal with the queues? Players are complaining about queues, and then complaining when they don’t get the specific solution that they want, and they all want something different. Some want layers, others think layers ruin the economy, some want to close full realms, then a whole population will complain that they can’t play on the realm they want, or can’t transfer to a full realm. And then there’s people who want Blizzard to somehow control faction balance on every last realm without inhibiting players from transferring where they want. I mean this is truly incredible. So much complaining and moaning about nothing.


Will you be putting any limitations in place to prevent another skeram/stalag/heartseeker?


incedius is about to become heartseeker 2.0 if they don’t. i’m not sure about the balance whitemane though.


People play both retail and classic


i play both because both are fun. i like them for different reasons. and if tbc classic actually comes i will be a male space goat shaman on that as well. XD


Whitemane is basically a reverse incendius - horde favored to the tune of 60/40. Unbalanced, but mostly livable post-bgs. However, bored horde griefers have really been dialing up the nonsense over the past two weeks so with free xfers we’re likely headed to a skeram scenario.

i’m not sure if blizz is trying to ruin most classic servers so people will want to play tbc classic when it’s released, but i wouldn’t put it past them at this point. with the way they’re handling things.

Male space goat, now that’s a pleasant rarity xD

Nailed it.


i love their caster animations. i have one on MG in retail. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that’s right. If they plan on handling over populated realms on TBC classic the same as they are now, chances are it’ll hurt that release…

i know. i really hope they do something for you guys beyond this. they’re gonna ruin whitemane and incedius and faerlina if they leave it as it is. which i hope they don’t.

You can transfer… but not for free.

IMO Felstriker should be merged with Remulos (I know one is PvE and the other PvP but I doubt much world PvP takes place on Felstriker).

Take my word for it, you don’t want to come to Arugal.


they should’ve locked transfers to full realms way before it got to this point.