Forsaken/Undead Customization Megathread

I’d love a prettier undead female model :sob: When I first started playing I thought I was going to make an undead because on the wow page with the races they basically look human but… dead, of course, and the picture of the female undead looked so pretty on the website. Then I went in game and saw they look nothing like that. RIP.

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If you don’t appreciate us, then you don’t deserve us.


More specific makeup or tattoo options would be nice tho

Some of the hearthstone art I see have forsaken MUA looks lol

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Take it a step further.

I want a peg leg.


Would be cool if they could get it to work without having to alter your animation rig

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I thought these should have been a sure thing during the Forsaken update when they added African American options.

I forgot to add that I’d like a fully skeletal face for both genders as well. Oh and a choice of which facial features are more decayed than others. Also makeup, scars and tattoos. Yes, dead people have tattoos while they still have skin. Let’s not forget beards. A forsaken with a wizard beard and empty sockets would be soooo creepy cool.


The race no one really cares about is Mechagnomes.


Apparently, mechagnomes don’t even care about mechagnomes.


i kinda think there’s a lot that can be done with a forsakken allied race additional, skeletons, ghosting, a stitching racial spell,

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A mega thread that fails to mention the Spikey toes (that seemingly no boot may contain nor any goblin may cut?) is an abomination of a thread that fails to address the most glaring issue facing undead today.

That’s all I’m gonna say.

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I mentioned the toe and finger toggle option!


Sorry, I missed that part. It’s not an abomination of a mega thread! I take it back! Toe toggles FTW! :wink:


You better or you may find yourself waking up in a dark, dingy alleyway confused, sore and missing a couple organs. That is until the regeneration kicks in.

Because they are a race really.

They are just Borg Gnomes.

I just want my little dead dude to be able to stand up straight. He can still be all bony and whatnot but the bad posture- while I can see what causes that lol- makes it difficult to xmog him properly.


Exposed guts ala Abominations could work too, Baal (or maybe contained like the “brains in a jar” are for the Maldraxxi).

Partial skeletal members (I want to have an arm with some skin and muscle and another that is just the bones with some small scraps of muscle and skin). Heck, go full frankestein and let the members (hands, arms, feet and legs) to get separate skin customizations, after all if Forsaken -according to Golden- lose members for “clapping too much and too hard”, i don´t think they have the time to look for replacements that perfectly match their original skin tone.

For the most hardcore: how about some insects or worms as replacements for eyes? It could look cool.


Elvira has spoken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My Forsaken Priest back in 2005 Vanilla had similar skull face as yours, I wouldn’t mind that option on Death Knights of all races in general :slight_smile:


Well, “Elvira” is right.

Why go only “pretty”. Forsaken have several ways to get “pretty innocent faces” -heck mine uses one of those-, the scary factor potential is getting ignored instead.

Jawless female is a must.


I don’t play undead myself, but… Yes. Yes to all of this. I have so many friends that would be elated with these options being added

At first glance, the black female shadow priest’s dress looks interesting.