Forcing the Alliance into Silvermoon is not good for the Alliance

It’s actually a punishment, making Silvermoon the hub of midnight and making Alliance players be forced to be near and in the general vicinity of blood elves, which for me personally is about 80% of the reason why I play Alliance, is just spiteful and cruel. I don’t see how Horde players see this as a loss to them and not a big win for being able to mistreat Alliance players with this cruel and unusual punishment.


My hope was that they’d park Dalaran off the coast of Quel’Thalas for the Alliance to use, but, well…

-Gestures at TWW-


Maybe we’ll get Gilneas for the Alliance capital, or perhaps (but highly unlikely) a fully restored Stratholme given it’s proximity to Quel’Thalas.


I was hoping for a fullly restored gilneas come midnight. But that’s me


What about Blood Elves repulses you that doesn’t also apply to Void Elves?

I think more realistically you’ll get a mildly updated Telogrus Rift, and maybe a piece of the Ghostlands around Dawnstar Spire.


How do you think we feel?


We don’t even know if Silvermoon will be standing in Midnight. For all we know Silvermoon is either destroyed or taken over by the Void and we could end up with an updated Gilneas and the Ruins of Lorderon/Undercity as separate faction capitals.


I can imagine Gilneas as the primary capital for the revamp for the Northern Eastern Kingdoms, but I suspect that with the Void Elves being likely to be prominent and Blood Elves being the most prominent of the elves who will be unifying in Midnight. We have equal reasons for both Alliance and Horde to be in Silvermoon via the Blood Elves for the Horde and for the Alliance via the High Elves and Void Elves who will be just as passionate as their Horde aligned brothers in saving the city.

Why shouldnt the Alliance get access to it? Like it or not Silvermoon is a capital of one of our playable races and in a expansion about “uniting the elves” it is likely we will see it turned into a neutral city.

Similarly, if they ever do it to Silvermoon, I suspect Exodar may someday become neutral(possibly in whatever final battle show in Anduin’s comic)

Is this a joke?

I honestly can’t tell with this forum.

I hope every city just becomes neutral.

Just throw away the faction system entirely, it’s served its purpose.
Focus on the inter-politics of these actual kingdoms, nations, tribes, etc. instead of the meaningless overarching oversimplified ‘factional’ politics which never made any sense anyway.

The Blood Elves, and by extension all of their related subraces, should be able to change and have as much narrative flexibility as they had prior to them being forced within the ‘Horde’ or ‘Alliance’ boxes. The kind of change and story progression that we see with the Belves in War3 would’ve been utterly impossible to do if Blizz had to write around this factional nonsense like they do now.

Belves, Velves, Helves, should be allowed to change just as they were allowed to during the RTS era. This ‘reunification’ and allowing outside faction members to enter their city isn’t as big of a deal as people seem to think it is. Honestly, in any kind of sane or rational story, this kind of thing would be absolutely trivial.

This is no more extreme than the Belves joining the Illidari under Kael, joining the Horde under Lor’themar, or having their city destroyed in the first place, this is all just narrative progression.
Thinking of this in terms of ‘blue team’ and ‘red team’ is a losing battle, and a battle which never made any sense to begin with.


I’ll cope if it’s only Amirdrassil in reverse, and the Alliance are firmly established as guests in the still very blood elf capital of Silvermoon; that’s about the best one can hope for in World of Neutralcraft. Lor’themar giving over half the blood elf capital to the void elves and their kingdom canonically leaving the Horde to pander to the Alliance, on the other hand…


I don’t know how to tell you this, but Blizzard is not trying to personally spite you. We don’t even officially know what the hub for Midnight will be so maybe let’s cool with the doom and gloom for a couple of years?


If Silvermoon did become the hub for midnight, I wonder if it would get a redo so it would be connected to the rest of the areas. That would be something.

I would be absolutely fine with this.

The Faction system was really only there to facilitate World PVP and that’s dead anyway.

Maybe Silvermoon will be the horde Hub and Bel’Ameth will be the alliance hub. And alliance need to use portals or boats to reach the questing areas.

Does an American get killed by guards if they set foot in London? No, because when there are no wars, international travel exists, and sometimes you don’t even need a visa.

Alliance and Horde capitals are no different, the war is over. Silvermoon doesn’t belong to the Alliance, but they can easily visit. Why can’t we just open up all capital cities to everyone on this obvious premise?


No, UK and USA are allies as for as I’m aware. It would be more like walking into North Korea as a American, this is what bing had to say.

If you were to walk into North Korea, you would be entering a country with a highly controlled and secretive regime. Here are some potential outcomes:

  1. Immediate Detainment: North Korean authorities would likely apprehend you immediately upon crossing the border. Unauthorized entry is considered a serious offense.
  2. Interrogation: As a foreigner, you would be subject to intense interrogation. North Korean officials would want to determine your purpose for entering their country and any potential intelligence or propaganda value you might possess.
  3. Unknown Fate: The fate of individuals who cross into North Korea is often uncertain. While some have been repatriated to their home countries, others have faced harsh punishment, including imprisonment in labor camps or reeducation facilities.
  4. Lack of Communication: North Korea is known for its lack of transparency. Communication channels between North Korea and other countries are limited, so it might be challenging for your home country to establish contact with you.
  5. Risk to Safety: North Korea is a tightly controlled state, and foreigners are under constant surveillance. Your movements would be closely monitored, and you would have little freedom.

In summary, attempting to walk into North Korea would be extremely risky and ill-advised. The U.S. State Department strongly advises against travel to North Korea due to the serious risk of arrest and long-term detention for U.S. [nationals]

A example of a Ally for each faction would be the allied races and going to their major cities.


Bold of you to presume Silvermoon is not becoming a pile of rubble at this stage.


Complaining about this on a night elf after having to spend the whole later half of Dragon Flight fawning over The Emerald Dream is kind of rich.


Unless Quel’thalas has somehow once again regressed back into an authoritarian state, this is not likely the case.

North Korea is a special case, and you must know that given you’ve looked into it. Not a typical state that acts in the way states typically act. Walk into even an adversarial state and in most cases you’ll be allowed. You may be warned of how dangerous it is, and you may indeed face real danger in doing so, but you’ll be allowed.

Silly comparison on both ends anyway, modern states and the territories held in WoW are not the same.