Forced to do BFA?

Correct. Partially because that’s the way the storyline originally went. Partially because it’s best to not confuse the hell out of players by giving too many choices right from the start.

That was unlocked after we took our first character through.

Yuh apparently in 10.1.5 that will change.

Ugh, don’t give them ideas!

I mean, granted Bastion and Ardenweald aren’t total crap to level through since those two zones look good (enough to look past the story). But Maldraxxus and Revendreath look so garsh darn awful that it makes me want to gauge out my eyes.

Why does Blizzard think that they need to implement super serious grim-dark looking zones?

I mean, I guess the story lines for both Maldraxxus and Revendreath make sense for the zones to look the way they do, but it still looks unpleasant!


Maybe I’m wrong as per the apparently but read somewhere that they’re updating the kinda tutorial thing to take you straight to chromie who will explain how Chromie time worksr ather then sending you to the adventure board

I am seeing this in the PTR notes, but I have no idea what this means:

So you may be right!

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How do you post less than 10 chracters

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I usually type <hidden> but you can type anything between <> and it’ll do the same thing. Just remember mods can see the hidden text, so don’t get cheeky. :wink:


omg this whole time i’ve been adding emojis and things. Game changer


It really is. :grin:

Indeed, the idea is decent.
But it should have been introduced with an easy way to opt out anyway from the start.
Truly new people would not question the path they would be set on.

And at the end of the day, World of Warcraft will not get any truly new people anymore, unless they have friends who play WoW already… so naturally they would have a guide from the get-go.

That’s a pretty big leap. But hey, you do you.

I always use </small> until I have enough.

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Some forum experts here changing my world

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Just a friendly PSA BFA is the best expansion. It is a privilege and luxury to play it. Even though Sylvanus should have never struck first nor planned on burning the tree.

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It’s not april fools day

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First time I did it was decent.

I haven’t been back since.

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I feel chastised!

We alllllllll had to play BFA.

NONE of us was ever given a choice! :dracthyr_uwahh_animated:


because he needs to suffer just as we had to

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I would think if he played through BfA already he should have chrome time unlocked on other characters. Unless he made a brand new account. I could be wrong.