Forced to do BFA?

My bro is trying Dragon Flight for free and we started some new characters and now level 11. Why can’t we just go to Chromie and que up? Why are we forced to go to BFA to level dungeons? He hated BFA and has no desire to repeat it. This by design or bug? Doubt he will be purchasing the game. Jumping through loopholes to have fun. What a joke.


Can’t even abandon the Battle for Azeroth Mission Statement. Same one I have done too many times.

Are you Loosey Laduca?

Also- it’s by design, sadly.

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If he played before, then he shouldn’t have to do that.

However, if he started a brand new account, then yes, that’s what happens.

Tell him to play his original account, then he can pick what he wants.


New accounts have to play through BfA first. The idea is to send them through higher quality, more story relevant content without confusing them by introducing things like Chromie time to a brand new player.

In reality it’s just kind of frustratingly limiting.


Thanks for the replies. Not sure why they would design it like this. Just another reason game is dying. (Have fun the way we think you should have fun and pay us for it) Joke.


Makes sense OP in the devs reasoning seeing how limited they were in creating a better old world content, new player experience. (Chromie time was a ‘‘band-aid’’ that they did and the new player experience , along with going to BFA is just to avoid any [omgerd the graphics suck, what is up with this story, blah blah blah) It’s a band-aid fix and I understood why they did what they did when it first went live.

It doesn’t take long compared to the 120 levels we had prior.
So when your bro does it once, he has an infinite amount of time to then do alts wherever he wants.

Because the new player experience needed updated and streamlined. BfA does that.

If your brother already did it, then I’d suggest just finish the intro with the skips and then go back to Chromie. If he’s on a new account with a new email address… then I ask… why?


It’s for new accounts only.

They did this when they created Exile’s Reach as a landing point for new players, rather than putting them through each race’s starting zone.


It made sense then, but I think they should maybe try to revisit. Like maybe new characters just start in the Bronze Keep and talk to Chromie or something on their path

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I think exile’s reach is still a worthwhile thing to do for ‘‘new players’’ , perhaps get a dev to iterate on it maybe in the future.


They might.

Now that they’ve done it once, they could possibly update that in the future.


New characters can do this. New players on new accounts cannot. But what they can do if they don’t want to go to BfA, is walk out the door and go to a zone. They all scale to a certain point. Hit level 60 on one character, Chromie Time opens up for the account.

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Exactly I do think Exile’s reach is good. I just think forcing the BFA experience is not the best


New players need to be funneled somewhere. It’s a hell of a lot better than Shadowlands. LOL

The only other update they could do would be to revamp Exile’s Reach to lead into Dragon Isles, instead of BfA.


I think the problem here is the player in question already had an account but started a new one for some reason.

They will be pushed through BFA unless they want to go back to their original account. I suspect this was the only way they could play Dragonflight for free.

Sounds like an old player doing an end run around paying for it.


Your brother can do other content, but he may need help getting to some zones, and some other zones will not be available to him without the breadcrumb quest.

I definitely don’t want to torture any new player by sending them to Shadowlands lol

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Well, he went ahead and did the BFA intro and now can talk to Chromie and go where he wants. Irritating but that is the way it goes. Thanks for the replies again.


Oh I agree.
I think the reasoning is for me, something I can understand…
It gives the updated graphics and all.

But at this point, I don’t see the harm into them simply being able to choose a path of their own. Perhaps saying [CHOOSE A; BFA , SHOWS BLAH BLAH BLAH WITH UPDATED GRAPHICS, CHOOSE B; CHROMIE TIME; PICK AN ADVENTURE THROUGHOUT WOWS HISTORY]

Ahh, sorry, too tired and must of misread things.