Food for Thought

So I wonder, when Blizzard stated they were going to look at other factors for picking people for the beta test if that was just a cover up?

A lot of these “issues” reported are private server nuances. I am just a little worried that a lot of people in the beta played a classic private server, but did not actually play at a high level back in the day. I hope this doesn’t hurt trying to better the experience before release.

(I just want this to succeed. I think everything looks fantastic so far.)


Of course they are. Because some people have played it more recently.

The fact that Blizzard can tell people they’re wrong is super significant.


Game changer.

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I’d reserve judgement until the beta is more than a week old. Invites go out in waves. There will be more testers.

I have been playing WOW since 2004, so I have played Vanilla. I have never played on pservers, and have maintained my subscription for all these many years. I think Blizz should recognize that, since I have contributed to their companys growth! Lol.

They are comparing any reported bugs to the reference client. It’s not just pserver players reporting bugs. Blizzard checks if something is a bug or not.


“Holy Necro, Batman!”

Ok so show of hands. Who here was logged out of the game because their game time renewed and had to endure a 69min queue? What gives?