Follower Dungeons - Yes!

I hope we get to choose our followers’ race. I want a whole strike team of Vulpera exacting revenge! :dracthyr_love_animated:


The Paladin class hall mount quest had you go into Stratholme and pick two paladins to join you. I chose the two dwarves for my dwarf paladin. lol

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If it was game wide Sure. Being Dragon Isles only atm is fine but they need to expand this Feature so people who want to level in Dungeons Solo and not have to worry about bad/noob/new players causing issues would be the best solution. Even without follower dungeons Most geard DPS and Tanks can Solo normal and Heroic Dragon Flight dungeons currently but only @ max level.

This is good for new and experienced players alike I get that and I am keen to see how it works ( I wont lie to you when we had Followers Way back in the WoD days I assumed we would be sending those Followers into dungeons and Raids not on generic boring missions and for some reason we never got that until now I guess in some format.)

Follower Raids should be on the cards next and be limited to LFR/Normal. And With Normal I mean on older Raid Tiers in the Expansion not Current Obviously. If this is also coming I see a good future ahead not a grimm one.

Would love to see this expanded game wide and I hope enough positive feedback comes in to make that happen.

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