Follower Dungeons - Yes!

With the announcement of follower dungeons coming in Seeds of Renewal, I am excited to see that anyone will be able to experience dungeon content regardless of if other players want to, or can, as well. It opens up this content so that anyone can play it at any time, and presumably without any queues or wait. I love that.

This makes using that annoying Altar of Decay which requires a dungeon to be completed (which was every time you want to use it until they added the toy thing) a lot easier for leatherworkers, for one.

I’ve wanted this system for years and years. Can’t find a party member for a specific role? Just talk to an NPC that will run with you in that role and perform reasonably well.

Thank you, Blizzard!

That is all.


I think this is a great change.

I know a few players who are absolutely terrified to do dungeons with other players (lack of confidence in themselves), so any quests that pop up through storylines are missed due to this. This here could help a lot.

I was a huge fan of scenarios back in whatever expansion it was - MOP? I’d have loved scenarios with AI helpers - like how I can do the Islands in BFA now, minus the helpers.


I hope it’s everything you want it to be


Assuming it never comes to mythic/m+/raids

This is fine


Thanks, we were hoping you would allow it.


I figured you were waiting there with bated breath just looking for my input


As Malgorok said, as long as this stays in “normal” versions. Great change. Even better if you can customize and build your own team.


That remains to be seen

First thing in gonna do is chain pull the whole dungeons and see if they screee like the real things


Personally would like to see this in all content that is queueable or some mix and match of this where you can opt in to have groups filled with NPCs after a short wait. The use of Followers can fix queued content for DPS. No more excuses of having an extreme wait period.


I’m looking forward to it. Instant queues on my dps will be so helpful. If this can work in heroic too that would be great, it would make my heroic DOTI flightstone farming faster than ever :slight_smile:


Wait, are these like Trusts from FFXIV?

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Are they going to give us AI like those from the isle expositions? Are the bring back Sneaky Pete!!?

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Honestly, I wish they would utilize the new AI technology available with LLM’s. Played around with this stuff myself and you can load them up with entire personalities with a lore and everything they follow. Can even restrict their behavior some if you like to help ensure they remain in context of the experience they are in. It could make the AI just like a real person, but ya know better because they won’t yell at you for making an error.


This sounds pretty fun to mess around in. I want to life grip the tank NPC into as many hazards as possible. And drag all of the enemies to the healing NPC in hopes of some splash damage.

I wonder if I can initiate a vote-to-kick on NPC party members. You know, for roleplay reasons.


It took them Twenty years to throw casuals a bone…

I just have a hard time celebrating this.


You should be able to, but they can also do it to you and backfill with another AI.


Finally WoW will be able to be released on consoles and have an offline mode!


Will I get reported if I insult my NPC followers?


It sounds like it and the trusts work really well, happy to see this in WoW
It is great for trying out a new role and learning the mechanics because

  1. the trusts do them perfectly
  2. If you die, that’s a wipe. there is no rez or the rest of the team finishing the fight for you, try again.

Of course, and the automatic banhammer will be applied faster because you’re insulting the game clients cousin