Follower Dungeons - Yes!

So then the rest of the NPCs don’t actually do anything?

Can I just auto-follow on one of them and have them do the dungeon for me?


I’ll only be sure to insult my Gnome NPCs.


personally would like to see them take it further then the trust system and make it like the Delve system they are adding. An actual progression path for people that don’t want to put up with other peoples short fuses, or troll-like behavior. Maybe if rude people start losing the ability to get in human played groups because they are getting replaced by AI they will start behaving better.


Will probably try this system out. At least until the NPCs piss me off by always standing where I need to click.

They do their roles but if you die the whole party dies, so no

So I can just stay at the beginning and let them clear the whole dungeon while I afk? Or do I need to pull for the tank?

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So, you just have to not die? That’s pretty easy on just about any class.

what would it hurt if it was in mythic plus if the solo player had to do the same difficulty ?


Shouldn’t be any different tbh, considering delves are going to give up to mythic +15 gear . If this is the baseline they wish to have then they could make it so AI could only work up to mythic 15.

Similarly, because It will reward heroic raid gear, there is no reason to not allow it to work in heroic raids.


I am absolutely ecstatic for this, finallly can run some dungeons and experience them as intended, without being forced into the ‘we need to run a normal as a mythic+ run’ that it has turned into in pugs.

I am also very much hoping it is an evergreen thing they will continue with future dungeons as well, between that and delves, it would be a great time.


In Classic and TBC, there was nothing more fun than doing group content. No matter if BG´s, world pvp or raids and dungeons, even Elite quests.

I had a blast!

Since then, a lot has changed and sadly not to the better. Whenever I join a dungeon, I meet people that are either addicted to speed or afk. Conversations don´t happen anymore, it is as if I would play with bots.

Therefore, a follower like system, will get my support and it should not end at normal dungeons, but also offer company for legacy raids, heroic dungeons and open world quests.

It´s suprising though, that a company which tried to force everyone into a premade for 3 expansions, is now offering people an alternative road.


I like the idea of this and I think it will be a very positive thing.

I hope it goes into higher difficulties in time.

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I suspect it’s a test phase, my memory is shakey but I feel like I remember LFD being normal only when it first came out, then became Heroic, and eventually raid. Could be wrong though…but thats how I remember it.

Must say, I didn’t think they would actually do this.

I’m happy to pug, never bothered me. Though, I’m really looking forward to learning some basics of tanking with no pressure.


Awesome name lmao

i hope they use characters we know like maxamilyen of northshire i want him to be my tank

I think it would be fun if they let us use the characters from our class halls and garrisons if we have them unlocked. Or even make it so we can gather heroes in the same manner we did for these things.


I am so happy for this as well. I hope they do it with all dungeons and raids eventually.


I think this is a great thing for the game. Hopefully it’ll allow people to get more comfortable healing or tanking in a setting that they can’t get kicked from for being new or making a mistake or two.

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