Follow the Tides of Music From Battle for Azeroth

Follow the Tides of Music From Battle for Azeroth

Get swept away on an auditory journey through the music of the Tides of Vengeance, Rise of Azshara, and Visions of N’Zoth content updates.

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I still use Winamp.


Okay this is cool but maaaaaaaaaybe we could get hyped about music before we were stuck listening to these music tracks for 2ish years


Ruins of Zin Azshari by Glenn Stafford remains my all time music piece from all the music WOW has done over the years. I used to once it started just sit in the zone listening to it play out. Still love it today.


Blizz, I am 100% buying this, and if you release all the past expansions’ patch music, I will buy those too. Easy profit, you know you want to!


Finally! But I want to complain about the lack of any other stores… Not everyone uses an Apple product, and I like to at least feel like I own my music with a download, not just streaming it.


Yes, please bring these and other expansion soundtracks to YouTube Music (replacement for Google Play Music).


They have all the music on Youtube from blizzard lol

Shadowlands music too plz and the bolvar piece

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Yes!! Release it on YouTube Music!

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almost spit out my drink out my nose! :rofl:

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Any chance we could get past expansions’ music too? :slight_smile:


No matter the gameplay or systems issues (and there are a LOT) I always, always love the art direction and the music!

PS - Blizz, if you ever put out a full music CD anthology collection (physical media matters!) I’m there for it.


Not really sure what your complaint is. If you are really insistent on not using Apple products, these tracks are also available on Spotify. You can also download songs from Spotify to listen to them offline.


Where can we find out who wrote the music for Telogrus Rift, the Void Elf zone? It has haunted me for two and a half years, some of my favorite music in the game!

I think it was Mozart or Danny elfman

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It does really whips the lama’s $%^. :stuck_out_tongue:

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wich one is daughter of the sea is it even there i wont jaina

Wonderful; thank you for adding these. Anyway we could also get the other patches from previous expansions as well? Not trying to be needy, but I love to listen to all of the music.

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The music is usually good but most of it doesn’t have that “oomph” to it that makes me want to listen to it for extended periods of time. Generally that means I turn the music off pretty quick in game, unfortunately.