Flex player LFG

My best friend and I our coming back to the game both after a short break for him after moving continent’s and me for some personal IRl issues that I needed to step away for.

We our looking to play together on either fraction so that don’t matter it’s just finding a guild I can raid with or raid with next patch with as with rerolling and most guilds on lockout might not be able to find a guild. This guild is primarily for me as he will be on a EU server.

Looking to main pally Holy/Ret, planning to alt shaman ele/resto or Druid balance/resto. Looking to see how tuning goes down.

Raid times can raid any day of the week but only if after 8pm pst. Please read this part first as if it’s earlier then that I won’t be able.

I am looking for a guild that I can join this tier maybe do keys and raid with in heroic and maybe some light mythic until next raid tier cause of the time it takes to farm Stygian embers and dom slots I don’t expect to make a full raid roster again for a few weeks or ect. I wanna take this extra time to reroll to my new main and alts and start to practice my rotations, healing timings and ect and be really ready to go in 9.2 but if you guild needs a sub and willing to work with me to get up to speed quicker I’d love to get back into raiding. I’d also love to slowly start pushing keys to end out this tier and prepare for the next as well.

To end this tier I’d just love to for sure run heroic every week for practice and ect but as I said before maybe even get into mythic when I can. And run keys with guildies so that we can get to know each other more. For the guild I am looking to join right now Would love to join a guild that’s pushing heroic and/or mythic raiding. My goal for next tier is to repush again for CE but for this tier focus on my responsibility at home in this transition.

Thanks for taking the time to read this hope to chat soon :).

Discord: Armidrian#3332

Ps feel free to reach out to me at all if your even thinking of reaching out I’d love to chat and see if it would work.

Hope to hear from ya all soon.

Hiya, we are always open to more dedicated players. We have been raiding a long time and welcome prog raiders, Heroic raiders, casuals and M+ers. Feel free to check us out and give us a poke if you are interested. My discord name is Tariya#5813
Regardless, good luck to ya!