Flashing again with Nvidia Card

AS of today seems the flashing is back for NVIDIA card drivers…doing a quest right now in ZM in the Lexical Glade and mobs that are dead on the ground already are flashing at me…my drivers are up to date and so is my Windows 11 files.

Did not return for me, thankfully. Which card?

It has a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB

I saw that too. Dead mobs are flashing again. I have a rtx2080ti

I love how this site is telling me my post is the Solution when its bloody not…come on Blizzard what is up again Nvidia cards…

Now getting some flashing in ZM now.

I’ve seen a number people report flickering/flashing graphics issues with Nvidia cards and it’s an issue that I previously had as well.

Personally I fixed it by changing wow to use DirectX 11 in the System menu, Advanced page. Other people have changed other things and reported the issue as fixed for them so this is probably something that only works for me. For raiding I change it back to DirectX 12 to get better performance but that’s the setting that will eventually have the flickering/flashing problems if I keep it on that.

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I only noticed this issue return after finally taking the Windows 10 version 21H2 update, having put it off for over 6 months until two weeks ago. There seems to be some combination of factors with the Nvidia drivers and 21H2 causing it.

I’ll add that the issue is not nearly as severe as it was before. It also is impacting different objects in the game for me this time, even though the flicker behavior is otherwise the same.

I am running Windows 11. And last time this happened last year it was Windows 11 too…

Yes I reported this a few weeks ago Texture flicking from last year is back with 5xx series drivers - Support / Technical Support - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com) . The 5xx series drivers have brought the texture flashing back. Yes “DX11” is a “work around”, however it’s not a solution because it disables the ability to use things like ray traced shadows (yes it’s subtle and just ‘eye candy’ but it’s still nice and DX12 only)

Just to note, there is a new Nvidia game ready driver released. New version is 512.15.

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It did nothing to fix the problem for me. It went away after blizz released a hotfix a while back, but it seems the newest patch is messing with Nvidia cards again


Yeah it was actually a combo of Blizz, Nvidia, and MS last year and it took them 7 MONTHS to fix it. Now it’s back. Flashing in various dungeons, Torghast by some reports, Ardenweald has some really bad spots in the “lilly pad” like things in the water areas, etc.

My screen will randomly go white and exit to the desktop, only to go back in game, work fine for a half hour before the screen goes entirely black.

The frustrating part is how completly random it is, not like we know for sure what’s going to trigger it

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You might want to take your monitor in for service at a licensed technician. Sounds like you have a hardware issue with it.

That’s the thing though. It only does it with WoW, otherwise it works perfectly fine. It’s a conflict with whatever WoW added in the recent patch

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Have you tried using DDU to uninstall the graphics drivers then rebooting into safe mode and installing them fresh?

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I haven’t tried that yet. Is DDU safe to use?

Yes and it is the recommended tool to use if you search for it from the Blizzard posters on this forum.

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Thanks. It’s worth a shot.