Flagging is the new downvote

(Yayayayayaya) #1

“prove me wrong”

Except it’s even worse than when we had downvoting because one person can flag someone’s post repeatedly.

Yaya I think proved something
Yaya I think proved something
Yaya I think proved something
(Thèón) #2

Apparently in the funny name thread I was flagged with real life threat. 6 day suspension ended last night.

(Yayayayayaya) #3

Did you even?


What could possibly go wrong with giving people all but unlimited flags…

(Yayayayayaya) #6

They’re inappropriate but they don’t make my life feel in danger…at the moment.

(Florence) #7

You were asking for trouble with those names. That’s what you get lol.


100% agree.

Personally I believe a this happened on the old forums when they removed the dislike button. People started reporting things they disagreed with and it has only become worse on the new forums.

(Padrepwn) #9

You’re right OP.
It’s only going to get worse.
At least until Blizz realizes exactly how much extra they are spending to review these false tickets.

I suggest anyone receiving these squelchs immediately put in a ticket.
Even if you think you deserve it.

Also these “reporters” are flagging for the most serious of offenses. Even if it wasn’t. Just to get people silenced faster.
Seems to work too.

Only takes 2 flags for harrassment and the accused is squelched. Even if it’s false.

Also seems you can do this with your alts. Not confirmed though.
Anyone from the censorship circle confirm this?
Blizz won’t answer this question. I’ve tried. LOL


yet we have one who should be flag or get flag and nothing done with them. there is poster here who really need a stern talking to. yet they keep getting away with stuff. day after day see stuff blatantly against rules and they keep posting. Like they gm favorite pet or something.


Well, swapping between characters lets me flag your comment on each one and any character I haven’t flagged it on yet it doesn’t show as flagged so it looks like you can use multiple characters to flag the same message.

(Spiçy) #12

I do not agree with this. I shall flag it on all my alts so as to banish any opinion that doesn’t align with my own. Also my dad works at blizzard enjoy your ban!

(Andros) #13

I never thought I’d say this in defense of someone using names like “Kumshot”, but you, Florence, need to grow up.

(Yayayayayaya) #14

Aaand you can also like your own posts if you’re that narcissistic. I’ve seen someone do that pretty blatantly and admit it, but blamed his son being on his account. Like okay.

(Drolvarg) #15

Flagging abuse is so problem, so true.


That is amazing in how poorly designed these forums are.

(Drolvarg) #17

I had had a post where I said BFA sucked and mentioned how devs have moved on to mobile games… 3 day ban lmao!

(Padrepwn) #18

Did you put in a ticket?

(Damalys) #19

I have to agree,got reported for harrassment once for not liking a YouTube video someone linked. Apparently I didn’t get the memo streamers/youtubers were above criticism now. o.O

(Florence) #21

Pass. There’s no fun in that.

Besides, I can see why a Male Belf would, in your words, speak in “…defense of someone using names like “Kumshot’.” :slight_smile:

(Andros) #22

Because using stupid names isn’t a good enough reason to flag someone for a “real life threat” and they didn’t “deserve what they got”.