FIXED - Strife R2 postponed

hahaha so true

“We fixed it moving forward for next week”

Watch them prove you right

I swear I’m going to be punished for opening my box this week like someone actually wanting to play this game HAHA BLIZZARD YOU GOT ME!!!


Your first mistake was wanting to play :sunglasses:


I lost any expectations when I saw their small list of tuning.

If you open your chest now you are good, if you already opened it before this hotfix put in a ticket.


I just got rank 2 on my mage that played like 9 wins this morning to cap in a hurry? 1300 cr? but my 1900 priest gets r1?

Put in a ticket, just a glitch.

yeah this can’t slide. I want a refund and my r1 essence back.

Are you kidding bro I have to put in a ticket for something that never should have been broken? They can’t just write something that mails anyone who had 1k CR and opened a chest R2?

What a sh1tcan company they’ve become.


LMAO. So if I opened my box like 1 minute later on my priest i’d have r2 then?

I assume so :joy:

Also Orphan, I don’t know enough about writing scripts to confirm if that would be an easy fix. I guess it depends on what information is available to the server regarding CR etc at the time of distribution of chests. My assumption would be that a script would be easier then individually responding to tickets, but it never hurts to get the ball rolling :disappointed_relieved:

Bruh that sh1t cannot be that difficult. They use the same logic to determine the gear you get from the chest then write something that looks at when you opened the chest.

Also, they could literally mail anyone with >1000 CR + cap before reset a R2 essence and if you already have it you just throw it out.

It’s pretty simple

Just mailing em sounds good to me! I just hope my chars both have R2 when I login today. Hoping I don’t have to make yet another ticket myself.

Already can’t buy my R3 lucid on my hunter because it’s glitched and won’t flag the achievement even though he also has the required 6k XP like my Ret (R.I.P. extra Vers from procs).

I had to put in a ticket for R2 essence.

Only have to wait 14 hours for them to fix it. Yaaaaay Blizz…

Alright guys let’s not make too many jokes it’s not cool to pick on the small indie company it’s not like this game has been around for a long time these guys are still new to this so we should expect bugs

It is kinda funny though that this stuff only happens to the pvp crowd. You never see the m+ or raiders experience issues like this.

It took them a full week to realize their conq gear schedule on the 8.2 article was not updated from season 2.

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That’s true. I mean just for perspective how can a team of two developers working out of a garage in Anaheim guarantee that everything will be perfect at launch right?

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just put it in the undead essence vendor if you have 1k+ rating in this season

Literally anything. Send a half naked woman to my door with a promo code to enter on bnet. Idc just give me the damn essence.