Fix your ticketing system

I’ve been stuck not being able to log in a certain character for the last 15 hours. You have ZERO categories for this particular issue that allows me to open a ticket. I had to just pick something completely unrelated so that could type something in to open a ticket, and no telling when that will actually be seen by a real person.

It’s really crappy that you do not allow a ticket to be open under a specific category and OTHER. OTHER. You can’t think of all categories, so rather than hamstring your customers in some ridiculous path to open a ticket, make it easier, and just put other for all categories.

If by some miracle, Someone that can actually help sees this, can you please fix the issue?

  • Character stuck service does not work, as the character is still online.
  • Logging in other characters on same realm does not work either.

Deadeýe - Bleeding Hollow. My character cannot log in for the past 15 hours. I was upgrading my legendary and got disconnect when I clicked upgrade. Now, it says the character with that name already exist, and my guild showing old info, like Deadeýe-Sargaras, and even Redeye-Kelthuzad, which was this character, but over TWO YEARS AGO. Something is seriously jacked up with my main character thats been around since release. I’d like help fast please.


That is a known issue and being worked on, Elementer. In this particular instance, a ticket won’t help. This needs a dev fix - not something a GM can do.


Just to touch on this: The gms ain’t able to do anything and everything that a player wants, from bugs of toon to changing how the game works. There isn’t a blanket issue that a given gm can do anything upon request.

Thats no excuse to make it difficult to open a ticket.


Have you tried a full UI reset? You can reverse it afterward.

This is not the same as just disabling addons.

I had difficulty logging in until trying so myself yesterday.

It is, given the fact the in the past when anyone under the sun could open a ticket would balloon out the ticket times from things that couldn’t be helped with; stolen raid id, fighting over loot the person think they own that someone else won, someone killing them in the world with the PvP flag on, etc.


No one would ever say a system is perfect and can’t be improved. But the current system is designed to get everyone the resources they need immediately. Trying to open a ticket for quest help? It will direct you immediately to sites like Wowhead to get the information, instead of making you wait 24 hours (or 12 days, like right now) for the same answer.

Same with a Bug Report. The GM’s who answer tickets don’t handle bug reports, so it will direct you to the forums to post in the Bug Report Forum.

In your case, it’s a known issue and the developers are working on it. No ticket can help you right now, which is why you aren’t given the option to open one.


IF you think it’s broken, suggest a way to improve it either by using the in-game suggestion tool or post in general forum.

This is a player help player forum - there are no devs or QA here. Any feedback or suggestions here go nowhere.

No need to be rude to Blizzard forum staff who are not involved in game development and are taking the time to provide you with an update regarding the issue.


Thanks, but that is not why I couldn’t open the ticket. I couldn’t open the ticket because the majority of the categories that were similar to my issue simply does not have the option to open a ticket. If what you were saying were true, and they are not allowing tickets to be open for this particular issue, I’m sure someone would have thought to direct me to the “known issue” page that they created for it (I doubt that exists either.)

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I was under the impression that the stuck character process had an option to open a ticket if the self-serve tool failed.


May want to reread my post, i did make a suggestion. Btw, this is NOT a player help forum, this is a Customer Support form, and is even labeled as such.

Read the stickies.


Exactly. Because in your situation, opening a ticket won’t help. You’ll just sit in the queue for 12 days and get a response that GM’s can’t help, and how frustrated would you be then?

It’s not about “allowing” you to do so. It’s about what kind of help you need for your issue to be solved. Again, opening a ticket to the GM’s won’t help. So for both your sanity’s sake and Blizzard’s ticket queue sake, it’s not an available option.

It’s a very new issue, as we just had a major content patch drop. Sometimes, you have to understand that, and roll with what they tell you. It’s not an exact science, but while there might be improvements, the current system is designed to get players help as fast as possible.


Yes, it is. Customer support, not customer service.

Yes - as as I mentioned before this isn’t the forum for it - there are no devs or QA here. If you want to the suggestion to get to those that can make changes, you need to put it in the right place.

Been here awhile, just trying to help you get heard…


Each and every forum, including this one, is intended for player discussion. This forum focuses on discussion of Customer Support concerns. There are some helpful stickies for you to read, if you would like.


Yea you’re presented with a ticket option after attempting to use the service again.


From the Sticky:

As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site .

Additionally: While our Support Forum Agents try to reply to threads as they are able to, a response is not guaranteed.


All blizzard forums are here for players to berate each other when they don’t agree with something. It’s just another reflection of General chat. The fact is, that is always how this community has been.

There was nothing “rude” about my post. The path to open a ticket was a crappy experience, plain and simple. I’m done here.

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Kinda like you came in here berating Blizzard because you don’t agree with their Support site?

Your issue is not rude. It’s a valid issue, and it’s understandable that you want it fixed as soon as possible. The tactics used in this post? That’s a bit different. But that is irrelevant.

Indeed. But was it crappy because the Support site is bad, or was it crappy because there’s no “magic button” to fix your issue immediately? Just like a ticket response a player gets from a GM. Is it “crappy service” because the GM made an error, or was it “crappy service” because the GM had to say No, and didn’t give the player what they demanded?

We all understand why you’re frustrated, but lashing out at the Blues and at the players trying to help you is not the best idea.