Fix the AV druid exploit

edit: the rerelease? No.
I do not touch retail.

Yes, which is how I know it was being zerged just like every other version of AV can be. And the choke at SHGY is just as much of an issue.

edit: I reread and see now you stated RErelease. I played during 1.5 ORIGINAL AV.

I am honestly not familiar enough with Retail’s actual class balance, profession tuning, etc. to know how it effects the flow of an old AV.

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I am so happy I am done with av. Don’t have to pvp until tbc/shadowlands. It’s amazing

I’m not even sure they actually have a reference, to be honest.

A lot of stuff in Vanilla has TBC values that are then reverted when the paladins lose their damn minds in the Bug Report Forums.

Nightfall and Annihilator not proccing properly, for example - the problem is it’s further than just the PPM value being accurate, the way PPM behaves was changed in TBC and caused procs to happen more frequently within the first or last 60 seconds of each rotation much more frequently.

You see this happening if you run a twink with lifestealing first hand.

Fizzle effect wasn’t introduced until TBC and there aren’t any training dummies in Classic so it’s impossible to log properly one way or the other - raid logs don’t pick it up because it doesn’t exist in the combat logs.

It still happens with Sulfuras - but the meta gamers don’t care enough around the weapon to really look into it.

This happens across ALL PPM items, Skullflame Shield, Sulfuras, Lifestealing, etc. I need to bust out my Tidal Charm and see if the Fizzle Effect theory is really a thing, but who the hell wants to spam Tidal Charm 1,000+ times with a 15 minute cooldown?

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Too bad I’m not, the map plays out exactly the same as it does in 1.12 and later versions. Both sides zerg or if horde plays strong D it results in a turtle north of SHGY.

The extra things in 1.5 do not change either of those. It’s more that people in 1.5 just weren’t playing the map that way, not that the map itself inherently prevented it. And pretending otherwise is simply rose colored glasses.

I edited my above posts, seeing as you were referring to the RErelease of 1.5. Which you conveniently do not account for all of the bells and whistles retail has class-wise and item-wise that were not present during old ORIGINAL AV.

The fact remains that what they recreated for the 15th anniversary is lying dormant rather than being used in classic, and yet you argued for 1.12 av, which you now complain about. We will never know if 1.5 redux would make a difference, because blizzard has chosen to ignore the pleas of those who actually wanted it, while gifting it to those who never asked for it for a limited time.

All of this is why way back I advocated a brand-new game with Vanilla ideals rather than try to recreate Vanilla. It’s impossible to accurately emulate Vanilla and the differences have everyone squabbling over little things.

Better to have a totally new game with a totally new experience but with the ideals that made Vanilla so fun.

Check out Ascension :slight_smile:

Maybe Classic+ will be a thing years from now.

Except we saw that it didn’t make a difference with the rerelease. The 1.5 obstacles do not deter zerging or scorched earth strat. If anything they make both worse as it’s harder for a handful of players to make a meaningful difference .

Except you choose to ignore that classes and items are vastly different than classic.

Enjoying 1.12 AV? Are you actually playing classic?

So? There’s nothing special about classes or items that allowed for those strats.

Overall 1.12 is fine, and if horde were playing AV the same as they did in 1.12 I would be playing AV as well.

If alliance were playing like they did during 1.12, perhaps they would be winning more.

Yep, I’m currently shopping around for a different game. Classic just didn’t do what was promised and clearly Blizzard is asleep at the wheel with all the faction, server, class issues.

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Which they can only do if horde also play as they did in 1.12.

Did you report them? I report every Horde who uses a terrain exploit to cast spells through terrain without being visible.

Just a waste of time really. Blizzard doesn’t act on those reports, they simply clog the reporting system. They know people and things can cast through terrain, something that wasn’t fixed for a long time in the game.

Until a GM contacts me and asks not to report them, I will continue to report them.
Who knows, maybe they will be contacted by a GM and told not to exploit or else be banned. It is against the TOS so it is report-able so I do.

Please cite the part of the TOS that prohibits casting a spell or shooting a projectile through objects.